Windows 7 - message flags

Asked By Bobdar on 20-Feb-09 10:06 AM
How do I prevent "message flags" every time I use WLM?

R. C. White replied on 20-Feb-09 10:14 AM
Hi, Bobdar.

What are "message flags"?

And it might help if you mention which WLM version and which Windows version
you are running.

R. C. White, CPA
San Marcos, TX
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Windows Live Mail 2009 (14.0.8064.0206) in Win7 Ultimate x64 7000
Bobdar replied on 20-Feb-09 12:27 PM
RC, When I mark all messages as read, a lot of times a message comes up "set
message flags" and it really is annoying. Some times it takes 15 or 20
seconds to "set the flags" or whatever.  I am using build 14 and I have
Windows XP
Ildhund replied on 20-Feb-09 12:57 PM
Is this a Gmail account? Whenever you do anything with an IMAP
message, like read it or delete it, the appropriate flag ('Read' or
'Deleted') has to be applied both locally (on your computer) and at
the server, so WLMail calls home to set those flags. If something
else is going on meanwhile, like downloading messages from another
account, this might take some time. And WLMail is not very good at
dismissing the 'Setting flags' message when the process is finished.
I often find that all it takes is to mouse over the message box to
make it go away. Annoying, but not life-threatening.
Kevin Barnes [MSFT] replied on 20-Feb-09 02:06 PM
Bobdar and Noel,

This is an issue that can potentially affect any IMAP account.  A variety of
factors such as your connection speed and latency as well as the IMAP
server's performance can affect whether the "Setting message flags" dialog
will show up and how long it will last.  Unfortunately there aren't any
reliable fixes to this problem today, however this is an open issue we are
actively tracking.

Thanks for using WLMail,
-Kevin Barnes
Bobdar replied on 20-Feb-09 02:22 PM
Thanks to all.  Very interesting.
Legwo replied on 26-Feb-09 03:56 PM
"Bobdar" wrote:
jgrahamii replied on 27-Mar-09 11:51 AM
I have this issue as well.   Every time I delete or read a Gmail Imap
message, I get the flag message for 10-20 seconds. It is very annoying.
Better would be to put the message in the background or give us the option of
turning it off.  I know you say there is no workaround, but I have never had
the problem using OE6.  Only WLM.    I also never have an issue on my iPhone
and that's an even slower connection.  So there is different way of dealing
with it.
Miss Hap replied to Kevin Barnes [MSFT] on 13-Jul-10 01:32 PM
It would be great if these could have a hide option or a minimize on every
popup window.  They do not now and you have to wait or if you cancel, you have
to wait even longer.    Can the user actions be batched then transmitted at
the end of the session?
Am An replied to Miss Hap on 15-Sep-10 07:29 AM
Try this:

WLM > Tools > Accounts > Select Gmail account > Click on properties > click on IMAP tab > under special folders heading UNCHECK Store special folders on IMAP server>

This should resolve the annoying messages!

Best regards,