Windows 7 - Live mail won't receive messages

Asked By Dartagnon on 03-Nov-09 05:35 PM
I am using Live Mail for the first time on a new laptop, and have set up my
e-mail account on it. I can send successfully, but it will not receive. I know
test messages i've sent are sitting on my providers server. I have set the
account up exactly as I have on Outlook on my PC, which is receiving them ok.
I am not getting any error messages. Can anyone help?

Michael Santovec replied on 03-Nov-09 07:06 PM
Who is your provider?

What type of mail account is it?  POP3, IMAP or HTTP?

If Gmail and POP3, special settings are required.
Gmail: Using POP on multiple clients or mobile devices

If you still have problems, logging may help.  To enable logging in
Windows Live Mail select Tools, Options, Advanced, Maintenance,
Troubleshooting.  Check the box to enable and click APPLY.  Run the
Send/Receive/Synch, then click the box to uncheck and APPLY.

POP3 enables both POP3 and SMTP logging.

The logging information will be appended to WindowsLiveMail.log in the
same location as the WLM Store Folder (click the STORE FOLDER button
above Troubleshooting to see its location).

The WindowsLiveMail.log can grow to be very large.  You may want to
rename (or delete) the current log file before starting logging in order
to get a more manageable file size.  WLM will automatically create a new
log file when needed if one does not exist.


Mike -