Windows 7 - Show Images

Asked By wmcook on 15-Dec-09 06:24 PM
How do you set up Windows Live Mail to open all your email with images shown?
It would be much more convient that clicking it for each email.

Bruce Hagen replied to wmcook on 15-Dec-09 08:36 PM
Click on what?

Tools | Options | Read. Uncheck: Read All Messages In Plain Text.

Not that?

Tools | Safety Options | Security. Uncheck: "Block images.......".
Bruce Hagen
MS-MVP [Mail]
Imperial Beach, CA
...winston replied to wmcook on 16-Dec-09 03:24 AM
In addition to Bruce's input, if the WLM 'Reading pane'[some call it the Preview pane] is enabled

- check 'Automatically download message when viewing in the preview pane'

ms-mvp mail
flamingjune replied to Bruce Hagen on 04-Jan-10 12:51 PM
Thanks, Bruce!  It seems so simple... but this has been driving mew crazy for
weeks.  Live mail help page is worthless!  Thank god for Google!
Ashley Raper replied to wmcook on 18-Nov-10 03:24 PM
show me the answer
Ruby replied to Ashley Raper on 18-Nov-10 03:41 PM
View>message in HTML
Richard Hoback replied to Ruby on 30-Mar-11 10:39 AM
I have seen soooooo... many suggestions.

If your concern is that when you have installed or updated your Windows Live Mail progam and now you find that many new messages require "show" images.

While for your safety, many people do not like to find the pages of a familiar site filled with Red X's.

If you just want that nuisance task to go away:

With Mail open and in your inbox:

In the menu bar (you know, File, Edit, View, TOOLS, etc) click Tools, then SAFETY Options, Security Tab.

About midlist, you will see "Download".

You most likely will see the box "block images" checked.

Uncheck the box (boxes).

That should be your fix for the problem.  If you wish to change back to the default, just reverse the steps.

BTW -This description is using XP and Version 6 of Mail. If you are using a different OS or Version, be patient and look for the same generic descriptions.