Windows 7 - How to disable SQM in Live Mail?

Asked By Kevin on 03-Jan-10 08:12 PM
In Windows Live Mail, I already have unchecked the "Help us improve"
option.  However, the application is still calling home to Microsoft
(, which it has no business doing.

How can I disable this and keep Mail from calling home in any other way
as well?  Basically, I want it to connect only to servers I explicitly tell
it to, and that is it.

...winston replied to Kevin on 03-Jan-10 08:39 PM
Fyi...iirc, if unchecked, its not sent though the files may still be generated.

How did you determine that CIP info is being sent from WLM ?
Can I review the information before it is sent to Microsoft?
Unfortunately the information cannot be reviewed for a couple of reasons:

. Applications which use CEIP typically send data to Microsoft servers after the application is closed. Rather than displaying a
dialog prompting you to review the information when the application is trying to close, the data is sent automatically, without
interrupting your work.

Additional info*.sqm+files+in+my+root+directory

ms-mvp mail
Kevin replied to ...winston on 04-Jan-10 02:47 PM
My firewall reported the access attempt, so it is definitely trying to
make contact.

The question remains - how do I stop that from happening?
...winston replied to Kevin on 05-Jan-10 03:17 AM
The firewall informed you that sqm files were requested for outbound traffic or that outbound access was requested ?  I.e. were the
files actually sent ?

If so, then you still have settings for CIP enabled.

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Kevin replied to ...winston on 05-Jan-10 03:54 PM
It told me that the app tried to access  It should not
be making any contact at all, as far as I am concerned.
...winston replied to Kevin on 07-Jan-10 02:17 AM
Fyi...I have not seen that on 3 pcs with WLM, Office, 3 different Windows versions, 3 different firewalls(Windows, Symantec, Comodo),
and CIP refused on all.

Thus verify all other software with similar settings(I.e.other applications use CIP) and use your firewall setttings to block
outbound access. As noted earlier outbound access does not indicated data sent

Lacking any other setting preventing outbound access.....your only other recourse is to send feedback to Msft and express your
concern that has a CIP option(ensure to include any program that you can validate as the source).

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