Windows 7 - Mail going to Trash bin??

Asked By Melissa on 11-Feb-10 03:13 PM
All my emails keep on being sent to my trash bin? Is there a reason why this
is happening and how do I fix it??!

Michael Santovec replied to Melissa on 11-Feb-10 06:32 PM
What kind of mail account is it?  POP3, IMAP or HTTP?

For IMAP and HTTP, WLM mirrors the mail server.  So spam settings on
your account via the web interface could be causing that.

Also look in WLM at Tools (ALT+T), Safety Options.  Look at the Options,
Safe Senders, and Blocked Senders tabs.


Mike -
...winston replied to Melissa on 11-Feb-10 06:43 PM
If the account is setup in WLM using the pop3 or http protocol, there is a Deleted Items folder and a Junk Email folder, but no
Trash bin.

Are you using IMAP ?

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