Windows 7 - Strange new addresses inserted in my contacts.

Asked By macruzq on 25-Jan-09 06:28 AM
Hi everybody,

Recently I found a couple of addresses from some other persons in my
contacts list. I have not inserted them because I do not know these
persons. Very often, when my Messenger session is open, some messages
appear from persons I do not even know.

- How can I avoid these insertions?

- How these insertions are made?

Any help will be appreciated.

Best regards,


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Bob Lucas replied on 25-Jan-09 04:37 AM
How are these insertions made?  -  You need to enhance your
privacy settings.  Until you do so, anyone who knows (or guesses)
your live identity can add you to his contact list.  These are
probably malicious attempts to invade your privacy, so you should
edit your privacy settings immediately.

The following instructions relate to the latest WLMessenger
release (v14.0.8050.1202).  Earlier versions may differ slightly.

Open Live Messenger.

Click on Tools, followed by Options, followed by Privacy.  Check
the box marked "Only people on my allow list can see my status
and send me messages".  Move all unwanted names to your Blocked

These steps will prevent any interloper from becoming a "contact"
without your knowledge.
macruzq replied on 28-Jan-09 12:16 AM
I have already done this but the 'stranger' is in my *allow list*. How
did it reach it?