Windows 7 - SONIC DigitalMedia V7

Asked By Darc on 04-Mar-07 01:51 PM

I have recently bought a new HP laptop Media Centre Installed. I bought my
laptop primarily for use with making amateur movies… many  compatibility
problems between  XP version of M Maker and  MC Edition?? WHY?

One I have is with burning finished movie with the supplied SONIC DIGITAL
MEDIA PLUS V7.……..Movie apparently  successfully completed, but sticks when
viewing…remainder carrying on in background?? After Sonic has ‘finished ‘the
job , and when I close SONIC,I get three separate windows:

1)  	..Mediahub.exe ..Application error. exception privileged instruction
0x0000096 occurred. App.0x00762166... Followed by:

2) 	Inst.@0x00a77ff7 ref memory 0xff7621f5.Mem.could not be written
@0x00000000 Ref mem  'ditto' ……Followed by…..

3)	.Runtime error. .Files\Sonic shared\Sonic Central\Main Mediahub.exe
R6025..pure vital function call!!!

All tell me to quit programme

Be grateful for your help ASAP Many thanks...Darcy

bugben replied on 26-Mar-07 04:07 AM
HP has recently released a patch that fixes the application errors on
Darc replied on 27-Mar-07 06:03 PM
Thanks very much BB.........I'll give that a try.

Beginning to regret having bought the HP LAPTOP Media Centre
many problems on compatibility with other machines.

Have a good week ...Darcy
Justi replied on 05-Jun-07 10:50 PM
What is the link?