Windows 7 - Can I remove the Media Center Tray Applet ?

Asked By Jacque on 06-May-07 07:08 AM
I see the startup process ehtray.exe .
I use rarely Windows Media Center. Can I remove it from startup? If yes, how?

Buellpilot replied on 06-May-07 10:48 AM
Yes if you wish.

ehtray.exe is used to display system tray notifications for media center, it
allows media center to be started by pressing the green button on the

But if you are not using any of this...

open regedit and navigate to;

you will see an entry for ehtray.exe delete it.
Jacque replied on 06-May-07 01:49 PM
What kind of system tray notifications ?
Gary Tsang replied on 06-May-07 02:27 PM
Recording status (successful or non-successful), EPG download notification
and so on.

Gary Tsang

Microsoft MVP - Windows Media Center