Windows 7 - Media Center Wallpaper

Asked By Amrykid on 12-May-07 10:18 PM
how do I change the background in the media center in vista?

Buellpilot replied on 13-May-07 10:18 AM
If you mean the blue background... you cannot.
xiowa replied on 14-May-07 01:39 PM
Hi Amrykid:
Actually there are some visual changes you can make to the color scheme
for the Media Center interface in Vista.  Open Media Center>click
setting>General>Visual & Sound Effects and you can select the Color Scheme.
I tried it and find the standard scheme looks best but you can try it out and
see which you like best of the 3 choices. tucson
Amrykid replied on 14-May-07 05:09 PM
thank you!
xiowa replied on 14-May-07 05:56 PM
Hi Amrykid:
You're welcome.  Sorry there is not much to choose from.  I know I was
disappointed. tucson