Windows 7 - Recent Documents

Asked By SueBo on 27-Jun-07 03:32 PM
I deleted my recent documents and later (a few days later) discovered it
deleted my files in Quicken... is there any way to restore?  .. and why did
that happen?

CSM1 replied on 27-Jun-07 05:37 PM
Recent documents should be just shortcuts to your files.
The Quicken files are probably in the Quicken folder.

Open Quicken and If you have Quicken 2006 File > find Quicken files.

SueBo replied on 28-Jun-07 08:50 AM
I spent all evening doing just that.. thinking it had to be there somewhere..
but cannot find it
CSM1 replied on 28-Jun-07 12:36 PM
That means that your Quicken file was actually in Recent documents.
Have you looked in the Recycle Bin?
If they are in the Recycle Bin you can restore them.

After you have restored the Quicken File (actually several files, I have
five files for my Quicken 2006), Please move them to your Quicken Folder or
create a Quicken folder on your Data partition.

You can then open them in Quicken with the File > Open command. Navigate to
where you moved the files to.

What about Backup files?
Backup Quicken files are usually in a separate folder named "backup". Do a
search with Start > Search for 'backup' and/or the name you had for the
Quicken files. Search for .qdf to find the main data file .qdf is one of the
extensions for the Quicken data file.

You should have a regular system of computer file backups.
External USB hard drives and backup software are pretty cheap in comparsion
to the amount of information you lose when your computer's Hard Drive
crashes. (Or you do a bonehead stunt :)