Windows 7 - Media Center and Slingbox

Asked By Jim on 15-Jul-07 04:32 PM
Have a Vista machine and two XP SP2 machines. Goal is to use Media Center to
store TV programs to a networked hard drive and be able to pull up the stored
programs on any of the machines.

Purchased a SlingboxPRO. Does anyone have experience getting Windows Media
Center to recognize the Slingbox. When I went to configure the TV in Media
Center it said it couldn't find any TV hardware.

Thanks in advance.

Doug Knox - [MS-MVP] replied on 15-Jul-07 07:04 PM
The SlingBox will not work as a tuner for Media Center.   Best you can do is
map the location the Slingbox stores its recordings in as a Video folder and
watch them from there.  I don't know what codec Slingbox uses, so you may
need to install a compatible codec on the MCE machine.

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Citadelbulldog9 replied on 15-Jul-07 08:12 PM
Hi Jim,

Do just the opposite, have the Digital cable box connect to the MC PC and
the run from your video "out" on the MC PC to the Slingbox (I use S-video and
run the audio out to the SB).

You will need to put the SLingbox IR remote next to your MC remote IR
transmitter over the digital cable IR sensor.

It works like a charm... The only disadvantage is that there are some
controls on the Slingbox remote which will not map to the MC remote.  I have
sent queries to them to see if they can make their remote more universal
(i.e. allow us to type scripts or program buttons).  the only thing i really
need is the ability to do a CTRL+ALT+DEL (when the Vista box reboots ...
aarrgh!! any help you can provide here is welcomed)

As for mapping the drives, you can set up your storage locations in MC to
find those drives.  You will need to allow the MC PC to connect to the other
drives.. test in Vista first.

For me, I have my FTP server and my movie storage drives on servers in the
basement and MC pulls from there.  I also use my FTP server to allow me to
download the "recorded" TV from MC across the internet.

The slingbox is a great setup... I was able to watch the final game of the
NBA championship over a 256k modem dialup through my Motorola Razr while
driving from Niagara Falls back to Toronto...
Ji replied on 16-Jul-07 11:26 PM
Thanks to you both. I notice that the Pinnacle PCTV says that it serves as a
my goal with a Pinnacle PCTV, rather than the SlingboxPRO?

Noozer replied on 17-Jul-07 12:12 AM
You need to be careful. A "Media Center" PC does not necessarily mean a PC
running Windows Media Center. It might not even be a Windows PC at all.