Windows 7 - DSP Group TrueSpeech(TM) Audio CODEC

Asked By goth_chic on 22-Aug-07 07:42 PM
dear all
i'm using windows vista and when i try to open voice in conferances of yahoo
messenger i always can't open it and i really need it abd everytime i try to
open voice it displays a msg that audio compression codes are missing or
incompatible so i tried to find why is that and found in yahoo this help but
couldn't apply it on windows vista so plz can anyone help me in this problem

yahoo help:-
1-Press the "Start" button in the lower left corner of the screen.
2-Select "Settings," then "Control Panel," then "Multimedia." The Multimedia
Properties window should be displayed.
3-Click on the "Devices" tab.
4-Click on the plus-symbol (+) next to "Audio Compression Codecs" to expand
the list of installed codecs.
5-If "DSP Group TrueSpeech(TM) Audio CODEC" is displayed, go to step 13.
6-If "DSP Group TrueSpeech(TM) Audio CODEC" is not displayed, it needs to be
installed. You will need your Windows CD-ROM (or will need to locate the
Windows installation files on your computer).
7-Press the "Add" button. The Add window should be displayed.
8-Select "DSP Group TrueSpeech(TM) Audio CODEC" from the list of drivers,
then press the "OK" button.
9-If the "Driver Exists" warning is displayed, press the "Current" button.
10-You will be prompted to restart Windows. You may restart now or later,
but the codec will not be available until you restart your computer.
11-If you are still receiving the same error message after restarting your
computer, continue to the next step.
12-Open the Multimedia Devices window as directed in steps 1-4.
13-Select "DSP Group TrueSpeech(TM) Audio CODEC" from the list of Multimedia
Devices, and press the "Properties" button. The Properties window is
14-Verify that "Use this audio codec" is selected and press the "OK" button.
Press the "OK" button in the Multimedia Properties window, and try to start
a voice chat again

jefferson jefffim replied to goth_chic on 24-Mar-10 11:22 PM
eu preciso desse drive