Windows 7 - IR Hardware not detected

Asked By ParkHensle on 04-Oct-07 12:50 PM
I have Vista Ultimate 32-bit. My remote control is a genuine Microsoft Vista
MCE Remote Control and is not detected by the Media Center TV setup program.
Changing the USB port for the ir receiver does not work. I really want to get
this resolved.


CSM1 replied on 04-Oct-07 02:21 PM
Are you sure that USB is enabled in the Motherboard Bios, is USB working? Do
you have a printer or some other device on a USB port that works?

Some things in Vista are different from Windows Media Center 2005 which is
what I am familiar with.

Open the Device Manager (I assume that Vista still has one).

Click the (+) Human Interface Devices. Right click Microsoft eHome Infrared
Transceiver. Uninstall.

Reboot the computer, be sure the IR Transceiver box is plugged into a USB
port before you reboot.

That should reload the Device driver. There is not an install for the IR
Transceiver, as it is a part of the Vista OS.

Cari \(MS-MVP\) replied on 04-Oct-07 02:22 PM
Has it ever worked correctly?
Cari (MS-MVP)
Windows Technologies - Printing & Imaging
Curious replied on 04-Oct-07 02:33 PM
Do you have the IR emitter pluged into the IR remote so it can change the
STB channels, if not it will not let you set up the STB in TV setup.
David B. replied on 04-Oct-07 02:42 PM
This has nothing to do with the device not being detected by Windows, why
are you assuming he even has an STB, it's not related to the problem.


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David B. replied on 04-Oct-07 02:43 PM
Do other USB devices work? Do you have another PC to try the emitter on to
see if it's detected?


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Curious replied on 04-Oct-07 04:02 PM
I actualy thought I was responding to malibu's post.  It was my error.
ParkHensle replied on 04-Oct-07 08:17 PM
A reply to everybody:

The emitter responds to several of the buttons on the Remote that do not
need Media Center and for example causes IE to come up to its default page
and so it is being detected by the OS, just not Media Center. My USB ports
are all functioning well and I have never had any problems with them. There
is no such thing as an eHome Transceiver in the Human Interface Devices
section (or any other) of my device manager. They are all "USB Human
Interface Device" or
JW replied on 04-Oct-07 10:50 PM
What emitter are you referring to or are you referring to the MCE IR
What happens when you push the green button on our MCE remote?
ParkHensle replied on 05-Oct-07 02:00 PM
I am referring to the MCE IR receiver. Pushing the green button on the remote
starts up Media Center to the initial screen where I could select from the
list of Music, Sports, TV + Movies, etc.
JW replied on 05-Oct-07 03:41 PM
So what does not work since you using the remote you can start MC?.
Are you possibly trying to configure a STB as the source for TV? If so you
also need a IR emitter connected to the IR receiver so that it can control
your STB channels.
ParkHensle replied on 06-Oct-07 07:27 PM
After giving the "ir hardware not detected" message, MCE gives me the option
of going back or cancelling the TV Setup; Going back would not solve anything
and clicking cancel gives the message the MCE will not save any of my
configuration of the TV Tuner. I don't know what an STB is, so I can't answer
the question about whether I am trying to configure one. Nothing in the Media
Center Help says anything about STB or needing STB in order to change
channels. Help seems to imply that the Microsoft Vista MCE Remote Control is
all you need to watch TV. The manual that comes with the remote implies the
same thing, again without any mention of something called an STB being

Perhaps it would help if we were using the same terminology. The remote
emits an IR beam and so if something is to be called an IR emitter, I would
think that the remote qualifies. The IR signal is sent to a little plastic
box about an inch long, 1/2 inch wide and 1/4 inch high and is connected to
the computer through a USB port. I would call that the IR Receiver. There is
no way that I can see to connect anything else to either the remote or the
receiver; so right off the bat, I wouldn't see how to connect an STB whatever
it is.

Perhaps you can let me know how I am wrong in what I think the remote can do
(even though it explicitly says on the package that I can watch TV with it)
and how to get whatever else is needed (STB?). Thanks.
Curious replied on 06-Oct-07 08:17 PM
A STB is a TV tuner Set Top Box from a cable or satellite TV company.
Nigel Barker replied on 07-Oct-07 02:46 AM
Set Top Box e.g. digital cable or satellite

What TV are you trying to set up? If not using a STB your only options are cable or antenna. What TV
tuner does your Media Center computer have?


Nigel Barker
Live from the sunny Cote d'Azur
ParkHensle replied on 07-Oct-07 02:13 PM
While falling asleep last night it came to me what STB means - that it is a
Set Top Box and in my case is the Satellite Receiver that I am using to get
my TV signal. So, now it seems in order to get Media Center Edition to set up
the TV tuner so that I can change channels with the Vista MCE Remote Control,
I also need to get an IR emitter and connect it to the IR Receiver which has
no place to connect anything else to. Please tell me to where to get one of
these things that can connect to something that doesn't have any connections.
Other problems are that since the TV tuner setup does not complete in MCE,
that the schedule of programs cannot be saved and of course MCE cannot be
programmed to record a particular program since it can't change channels and
so on and on.

Jaime replied on 07-Oct-07 04:04 PM
If you have a genuine MCE remote, it should have come with the IR
Receiver/Emitters kit. The receiver is what plugs into your PC's USB port.
The emitters (called IR Blasters or IR Bugs, by some), have a mini plug on
them and plug into the back of the IR Receiver (there is usually 2 ports).
If you did not get these with your remote, you need to contact your vendor
and ask them why these items where not included.

Otherwise your only option is to buy these items. If all you need is the
emitters, places like sell them, however if you don't have the
correct type of receiver and need that as well, it may be cheaper to just
buy the whole kit with remote. sells MCE remote kits for ~$30.
Orlando (Goofy says "hey"), FL
Gene E. Bloch replied on 09-Oct-07 01:39 PM
From the OP's description, I bet he has an IR receiver that is *not*
compatible with MCE+STB...

On 10/07/2007, Jaime posted this:

Gene E. Bloch (Gino)
(replace the numbers by "at" and "dotcom")
Buford T. Justice replied on 17-Nov-07 01:04 AM
I have the exact same problem except I don't want Media Center to control my
Dish Network box.  I just want the damn thing to tune into S-Video and that
is all.  Might anyone know how I can do that or do I have to go out and buy
a USB IR receiver?

Nigel Barker replied on 17-Nov-07 07:55 AM
This subject is beaten to death every few weeks in this newsgroup. The answer is always the same.
You need to buy the USB IR receiver, remote control & IR bugs package.


Nigel Barker
Live from the sunny Cote d'Azur
bartma replied on 17-Nov-07 06:07 PM
Yes, Microsoft wants you to buy additional hardware to watch S-Video.
Apparently it was too much to ask or program for Media Centre to work with
S-video without plugging more into the computer. Controlling a TV without a
remote or IR Blaster is just plain old fashioned and why would you want to
even do that?

Jdawgzx11d replied on 09-Oct-08 10:36 PM
look, I don't mean to be rude, I am a software engineer. I CAN NOT GET
THIS TO WORK EITHER!!! I have the Haupauge 150 MCE Vista Approved, like
every other Vista user on the planet. I followed all of Bill Gates
shopping list, per the Vista compatibility section of microsofts
website. I have the Microsoft Branded Remote for MCE. I have tried using
the Blaster built in my Haupage card as well as using my external IR
Blaster from Microsoft. I tried every combination. It just refuses to
work. I spent $175.00 on the software, umpteens hundreds and hundreds of
dollars to do this the right way. Hell, Vista rated me at a 3.8.
Apparently I did well on my system build. I have three extenders in my
house. And all I want to do is friggin change the channel! Is that to
much to ask. I have tried all the european updates, us updates, taken
EVERY single update the Bill Gates sent my way. So do not feel bad. I
can basically bet that no one on the planet has gotten this to work. So
don't feel bad everyone. I will try for about another month, then I am
switching to MCE2005 XP. some may call it a small victory, I call it a
failure, because I passed it up a year ago..... I am a XP pimp, you can
not even renew IPV6 IP's on vista... when I saw that, I knew I was

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Barb Bowman replied on 10-Oct-08 04:57 AM
set top box? what brand and model? what is your TV source? no where
in the rant below do you give any info that would allow anyone to
attempt to assist you.

On Fri, 10 Oct 2008 08:06:04 +0530, Jdawgzx11d


Barb Bowman
Jaime replied on 10-Oct-08 09:15 AM
If you truly are a software engineer, you must not be in testing :o)

As Barbara stated, if you want help, we would need to know some addition

You stated that you tried the IR Blaster supplied by Hauppauge and the one
that came with the MCE remote, by that do you mean the "IR Receiver unit"
that plugs into the USB port or just the IR Emitter?

Does the remoter otherwise control the MC PC, just not change channels?
Orlando (Goofy says "Hey"), Florida
Jdawgzx11d replied on 10-Oct-08 06:43 PM
I have a compaq EVO Pro
Haupaggue 150 MCE Edition
Twin 500gb Hard Drives and 250 gb EiDE Drives
Microsoft Branded MCE Remote w/Twin IR Blasters
2 Giggs DDR Memory(maxed, for now..)
2.8 Pentium 4 32Bit Processor
Motorola Set Top Box (Comcast HD Box)
Toshiba HDTV with HDMI/DVI
3 Microsoft XBOX 360's
By the way, I am a UNIX Platform Engineer for a MAJOR MAJOR Phone
company. I design patches designed to imporve call flow as well as build
script files for GMLC, OMC-R(SUN Systems) as well as most C based
programming. You are all right, it was a rant. Everyone I talked to told
me to steer FAR FAR away from Vista. I did not listen. It is just
depressing that I followed the rules. I swear, it was so clear, it was
like Bill Gates told me what he wanted me to build. The biggest thing
for me is the extenders. I have one in each one of my rooms. I want to
be able to have one remote for each TV, not 9000 remotes, and one just
to change a channel. It would be great if I could do JUST this. At any
given time, we only really watch TV TV on one tv. Every where else is
streaming movies, music, whatever. Yes, there is always going to be a
time when some one else will watch Cable. The reason I really NEED to go
this route, as nice as just having the cable split, or straight into the
Video card, the picture is FUZZY!.
I had my service provider come here. I matched My frequency anylizer to
the SP's anylizer. they matched up identically. The problem is partially
the card. When I go through the MCE setup, the picture is CRISP, because
of the fact it is going through the S-Video, that is the cleanest
option. When I plug my IR-Emitter into the Microsoft Receiver/Blaster,
nothing really happens. When I plug my IR-Emitter into the video card,
it lights up like a christmas light. Not sure if it is supposed to light
up. I had a similiar system, YEARS AND YEARS ago, that the IR-Emitter
was lit up.

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Barb Bowman replied on 11-Oct-08 04:55 AM
focusing on the statement below, look at device manager, USB ports
and devices. do you see the Microsoft eHome Receiver? do other
peripheral work in the same USB port?

with the USB receiver plugged in, pressing a key on the remote
SHOULD cause it to flash.

the other piece is getting the blaster stuck onto the correct place
on the Comcast HD box.

Please omit the ranting from your future replies, I don't have time
to sort through it.

On Sat, 11 Oct 2008 04:13:33 +0530, Jdawgzx11d


Barb Bowman
Jaime replied on 11-Oct-08 09:45 AM
That helps some, but to my question about isolating the fault to the emitter
or receiver - when the receiver is plugged in, does the remote control the
MCE interface?

BTW, I assume you meant you are plugging the emitters into the Hauppauge
tuner card (not your video card). Plugging the emitters into the tuner card
would never work, MCE has no way to talk to the tuner only the receiver that
comes with the MCE remote kit.

Please just answer the technical questions, I (and others are here to help
with specific MC problems, not listen to your personal opinion about MS or
Bill Gates; who BTW, is not involved in the day-to-day operation of MS and
probably had very little to do with the current version of MC.
Orlando (Goofy says "Hey!"), FL
Jdawgzx11d replied on 12-Oct-08 10:16 AM
Just to be clear.
I technically have two IR Blaster ports
I have one on my Haupagge 150 MCU
and I have one on my MCE Remote kit.
I will check my control panel for the eHome IR under my USB portion. I
also purchased(on the way) a seperate USB board. To isolate my IR from
printers and card readers... I am going to give it a shot. I do
appreciate your help everyone...

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Microsoft News replied on 12-Oct-08 11:45 AM
The Hauppauge remote and or blaster are used only if you are have chosen to
run the Win TV 2000 software exclusively. To run Windows Media Center 2005
or Vista you use a Microsoft ir receiver connect a blaster to it and
strategically place the emitter to control your STB. I've never encountered
a need for a separate usb card for the receiver and you should have no
problem using one from the motherboard.
Jdawgzx11d replied on 12-Oct-08 06:32 PM
Alrighty! I verified my control panel. I do have the Microsoft eHome
Receiver in the control panel. I tried to surf for updates, un-installed
the hardware and re-installed the driver after a re-boot. Still
nothing.. Still not sure. Is there a way I can test the hardware outside
of media center?

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Jaime replied on 12-Oct-08 10:27 PM
You still haven't answered the question if the remote otherwise controls
MCE. If you can't even go through the menus, navigate, etc., then the
problem is with the MCE receiver. If you can do everything except setup
control for an external set top box, then the problem is probably the
emitters (or the connection).

So does the remote otherwise control the MC interface?
Orlando (Goofy says "Hey!"), FL
Barb Bowman replied on 13-Oct-08 04:08 AM
does pressing the green button start the Media Center interface? Can
you navigate at all with the remote or not?

On Mon, 13 Oct 2008 04:02:13 +0530, Jdawgzx11d


Barb Bowman
Jdawgzx11d replied on 13-Oct-08 06:39 AM
The remote itself does work in MCE, I push the green button and it does
work, I was suprised that my XBOX 360 remote worked as well. The problem
is getting the set-top box to work. I guess I should ask this question,
what version driver should I have for the microsoft remote? I did
purchase mine brand new in the box. I am going to try and hunt down a
couple of emitters. I did try to uninstall the blaster and roll it back
to an older driver from MCE2005, but it wants to use the most current

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Barb Bowman replied on 13-Oct-08 01:45 PM
vista does not need an external driver. the issue is most likely the
positioning of the sticky side of the blaster receiver over the
right place on the STB. Use a flashlight and find the "eye".

On Mon, 13 Oct 2008 16:09:09 +0530, Jdawgzx11d


Barb Bowman
Jdawgzx11d replied on 13-Oct-08 07:28 PM
I actually removed the lens cover off of my set top box. I have it right
where it needs to be. But, I still get the error message of IR Hardware
not detected. I am begining to think that I need to start 'over' with
vista. I slowly added hardware to get to this point. I almost wonder if
its not a bad idea?

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Jaime replied on 14-Oct-08 10:14 AM
The "Not Detected" message probably means it's not related to emitter
placement. MC has no way of knowing that, it would still attempt to change
channels (it might not be successful if the STB wasn't getting a signal, but
MC would still try).

Since the receiver is working and being recognized, it seems like the
problem is with the blasters. I don't remember it you have cable or sat, if
cable, can you plug the coax directly into the card, run through the signal
setup, and tell MC that you have a direct analog connection? MC will not
require the IR emitter in that case, since the tuner card itself will
control the signal. If that works, then you probably have a hardware issue.

I don't know enough about the IR Blasters to know if plugging the MC blaster
into the Hauppauge card could have damaged it.
Orlando (Goofy says "Hey"), Florida
Jdawgzx11d replied on 14-Oct-08 06:27 PM
Yes, as an anologue tuner, it works, but VERY fuzzy. I do not think that
the card can tune on the higher frequency channells either. Optimally,
for my use with the extenders(three of them) the anologue tuner is
really the way to go. but as I said, the picture is very fuzzy. I am
begining to think it is a hardware issue, with the IR blaster. Can
anyone give me a recommendation on what I should buy. I should also tell
everyone I am running Vista Home. So I will need something that will
work with vista. I also happened to notice that the XBox 360 MCE remote
is compatible with Vista MCE, is that true?

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Barb Bowman replied on 15-Oct-08 05:00 AM

and yes, the 360 remote is compatible.

On Wed, 15 Oct 2008 03:57:07 +0530, Jdawgzx11d


Barb Bowman
Jdawgzx11d replied on 15-Oct-08 07:37 PM
Barb Bowman;4026499 Wrote:

The silver XP MCE remote is what I currently have right now. Should I
replace the IR Blaster remote, maybe my hardware is bad? Or should I try
just replacing the emitter?

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Barb Bowman replied on 16-Oct-08 05:06 AM
I'd start with the blaster and order an extra emitter cable.

On Thu, 16 Oct 2008 05:07:39 +0530, Jdawgzx11d


Barb Bowman
Bonobo Balla replied to ParkHensle on 28-Feb-11 09:13 PM
This is the solution that worked for me.  I hope it worked for you.

Short version: Plug headphones into the IR receiver to bypass IR Hardware not found error.