Windows 7 - Moving recorded tv files

Asked By M on 13-Oct-07 05:17 AM
Hi, Im using Media Centre under Vista Home Premium 32bit.

Because I have a network attached storage device which has a limited
read/write speed, I have setup media centre to record tv to the local
(C:) drive. I later cut and paste these files to the NAS. THe NAS
folder hosting these pasted files is declared under the Media Centre
media folders.

However, because Im cuting and pasting these files, I think Media
Centre thinks the files have been deleted and so re-records episodes
of programmes which are setup for a 'series' record.

Any ideas how I can get around this?

I dont think the NAS is fast enough to record two channels (tuner is
dual) and has been unstable in the past with sustained read/write (its
a NetGear SC101) so Im reluctant to record Tv direct to this device. I
recently upgraded the firmware though and it has been very reliable so


Doug Knox - [MS-MVP] replied on 13-Oct-07 10:00 AM
The recording of programs that you haven't watched, before they're removed
from the Recorded TV folder (manually or automatically) is either a bug or
feature in Vista.  If I don't watch a program before its manually deleted it
will automatically re-record.  This will also happen if I manually delete
something without watching it.

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