Windows 7 - No live TV time slip with Vista home premium

Asked By Mar on 21-Oct-07 11:02 AM
I have no live TV time slip with Vista home premium media center.
These remote and keyboard buttons do not work Pause, Rewind, Forward, Replay
and Skip, don't do anything at all, but they make the USB receiver blinks
when they are pushed.

JW replied on 21-Oct-07 11:33 AM
Do they work with recorded TV?
What make/model tuner to you have?
JW replied on 21-Oct-07 11:43 AM
Does the printer show as shared under control panel/printers?
Have you installed the driver for the printer on your other systems?
Have you also then setup the printer on the other systems and specified what
system is on your network?
JW replied on 21-Oct-07 12:05 PM
My 8:43 post was to the wrong thread.
Mar replied on 21-Oct-07 01:11 PM
Just tried it with recorded TV and they don't work also.
The only way I can do these functions is with a mouse and the on screen
symbols at the base of the screen. (The mouse is a USB cordless with its own
receive which is laser not IR.
I have a Hauppauge Nova-T-500 MCE Dual DVBT SD/HD tuner (OEM).
Jaime replied on 21-Oct-07 01:28 PM
Do you have a genuine Media Center remote or one that came with the card?

Does every thing else work for the remote (menus, arrows, etc.)
Orlando (Goofy says "Hey!"), FL
Curious replied on 21-Oct-07 02:21 PM
AFAIK there are two versions of the card the standard PVR 500 version which
comes with a Hauppauge TV application remote and the MCE PVR 500 which comes
with an MCE compatible remote instead  I agree it appears that he does not
have a MCE compatible remote.
Mar replied on 21-Oct-07 09:37 PM
The remote and keyboard and ir receiver are the genuine products.

Yes they do work.
Mar replied on 21-Oct-07 09:50 PM
No its not the PVR 500  its an OEM Hauppauge Nova-T-500 MCE Dual DVBT SD/HD
tuner doesn't come with a remote,
Curious replied on 21-Oct-07 10:27 PM
I am totally confused since the above post states that it is dual
Mar replied on 22-Oct-07 12:02 AM
I'm not to sure on what you mean, are you confused because it has 1 antenna
connection in the picture.
It is a twin tuner (2 TV tuners) and I guess it has a splitter built in so
you only need one cable.
If this isn't what you are confused about you may need to explain further.

I may remove the drivers etc and try again once more.
Curious replied on 22-Oct-07 10:28 AM
Sorry my previous post was incomplete.  I apparently sent the wrong draft of

Many dual tuners such as yours have internal splitters.

In any case I have a couple of comments:
1.  Are you sure that have the Vista version of the MC driver  for the tuner
installed and not the MCE2005 drivers?  If yes, were they both on the
installation disk that came with the tuner?
2. The NVIDIA XP decoder is not designed to be used with Vista and NVIDIA
recommends that it not be used with Vista.  Vistas comes with its own MPEG2
3. The MS XP decoder check utility does not work in Vista even though it
appears to.
Mar replied on 22-Oct-07 11:43 AM
Yes I have the latest driver for vista for the tuner.
But I found out today that I have to purchase the NVIDIA MPEG decoder for
use with Nova-T 500 MCE separately, I know it was an OEM version, but you
would have thought they could have put in some information, it probably might
works straight out the box if the M/B used NVIDIA graphics but mine has ATI
Radeon graphics.

I will buy tomorrow and see if that fixes the problem, I hope!!.

The NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder is what I am told I need, and you have
mentioned about it, and thanks about the MS XP decoder check utility not
working in Vista, was going to try it but wont bother know.
JW replied on 22-Oct-07 12:12 PM
As I stated above the XP MPEG2 decoder is not designed for Vista and I do
not recommend that you try if for two reasons. I think it has nothing to
with your problem and secondly most people who have tried it including
myself found that the MD Vista MPEG2 decoder did a better job.
Many MCE OEMs preferred decoders other then the Nvidia decoder which they
included when they sold the systems that they integrated prior to sale to
Nvidia recommends that NVIDIA decoder with their tuner as discussed in the
product description link that you provided in an earlier post.
The decoder has nothing to do with your problem since all time shift
functions occur before a decoder is every called in order to display the TV
I saw another post today that indicated that the drivers for DVB-T tuners
used in Australia are not the same as the ones for DVB-T tuners in Europe.
So if you did not check again with Dvico support to confirm that when they
tested your model tuner for use in Media Center that the system they tested
on was in Australia.
Mar replied on 24-Oct-07 12:12 PM
I was able to get the HDTV part working with the NVidia purevideo decoder and
the vista sp1I think it was KB941229-x86.
But the remote still doesn't work fully as the original problem(remote and
keyboard buttons do not work Pause, Rewind, Forward, Replay
and Skip, don't do anything at all, but they make the USB receiver blinks
when they are pushed.)
JW replied on 24-Oct-07 12:38 PM
The problem was not with your tuner or its driver since all of the time
shifting logic is performed by media center after receipt of the data from
the tuner and before passing the data to the decoder.
I was going to suggest that you run Vista repair, however, apparently SP1
replaced the part of your MC that was not working properly.
You may now be able to also use the MSMPEG2 decoder instead of the XP Pure
video decoder.  If you try the MS one again please let us know if it works
or not.
I have KB941229 installed on my Vista X86 system and have no problems with
the MS decoder.
Mar replied on 26-Oct-07 10:43 AM
I can't use the MSMPEG2 decoder because when I switch back to it for video I
loose the HDTV and get it back when I change back to the Pure video decoder
for vista, I can use both for the sound. I can change back and forth using
Vista Media Center  Decoder Utility.

Still cant find any thing to fix the no time slip with the remote/keyboard,
the original problem(these remote and keyboard buttons do not work Pause,
Rewind, Forward, Replay and Skip, don't do anything at all, but they make the
USB receiver blinks when they are pushed.)
Tested remote&receiver on friends machine with XP MCE and alls fine so the
remote&receiver are OK. must be a Vista problem I think.

A program to program the buttons would be good.
JW replied on 26-Oct-07 01:32 PM
Can you use time shift type functions when you play a DVD in MC.
MC controls the time shift function for TV after the signal is received by
the tuner and before MC sends it to the decoder.
Do you have Disk Caching enabled on the disk where your TV programs are