Windows 7 - export recording list

Asked By John on 03-Nov-07 06:18 PM
How do I go about exporting or backing up the list of shows I have scheduled
to record? I've bounced between a few media centers the last month or so and
am getting tired of having to recreate them manually. I've found the XML list
of what shows are already recorded and saved, but can't find anything so far
with the list of what is to be recorded in the future.

Thanks for any info


Doug Knox - [MS-MVP] replied on 03-Nov-07 07:32 PM
You don't say whether you're using MCE 2005 or Vista.  On Vista the files
are located in:


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MBB replied on 03-Nov-07 08:38 PM
Could you please give me the location/filename of that XML list, i'm
curious to check it out on my own machine.

About your question, I'm not sure a complete list of it can exist; because
if you have it scheduled to record all episodes of a series, it will still
have to wait for updates in the EPG to add when the latest dates and times
appear of when episodes will air.
John replied on 04-Nov-07 07:32 AM
That's what I thought, but every time I try replacing the existing one with
my "backup" of the file and the .bak file in that directory, my scheduled
recordings never changes, i never get anything listed...

I'm on Vista, sorry about the omission!

John replied on 04-Nov-07 02:18 PM
Figured it out. Evidently just replacing the file isn't enough, even stopping
and restarting services. I guess you have to have an existing something
already set, maybe to make media center "aware" of the file or something. As
soon as I scheduled something, checked that it was really scheduled, stopped
the recording service, replaced the file, then restarted the recording
service, all my shows were there again scheduled correctly.

So schedule something, *then* replace the file with the backup.

MBB replied on 08-Nov-07 02:52 PM
What type of file is it, can it be edited by normal programs? Cause then
you should be able to make your own EPG in stead of the Micosoft one.
(Maybe not for you but i have seen people here complain about missing
channel problems, this could be their solution )


John replied on 12-Nov-07 01:20 PM
Just an XML file, so easily editable. But this one wasn't the EPG, just the
recording list. Not sure what the format for the EPG data is, since I'm not
at home and can't check...