Windows 7 - How to solve the problem with Catalyst Drivers, Windows drivers ar

Asked By Dimko on 13-Nov-07 06:16 AM
I've read the thread very carefully, still no solution for me.

My video card: Ati Radeon 9800 Pro 128 MB, fully supported by MCE 2005.
My processor: AMD Athlon 2600+.

As long as I use the windows installed drivers for my graphic card there are
no problems, now and then I get an update from Windows update for the
graphics drivers and the system works fine.

But as soon as I install Ati Catalyst latest drivers for Windows MCE for my
graphic card I get the error:

After uninstalling Catalyst drivers and installing windows drivers the error
is gone.
I really need some help to resolve the problem, I'd like to use the Catalyst
Control Center with the Catalyst drivers.

Many thanks in advance.

BillDavi replied on 13-Nov-07 08:58 AM

I have a ATI 9800 Pro in one of my computers, it is a rather old card and is
getting less and less support from ATI.  I stopped upgrading the driver at
either Catalyst 7.7 or 7.8 because of all the problems I was having after
doing an update.  When you find a version that runs stable do not up the
video driver unless you have a specific problem you are trying to fix.

Dimko replied on 13-Nov-07 09:19 AM
Thanks Bill

It's funny I picked today as a "clean my pc" day, so I'm left with the
latest drivers from ATI, I'll start looking for older versions. Is there a
reason for me not to stay with Microsoft drivers for Radeon 9800 pro ?
Besides the the functionality of Catalyst Control Center which can be
replaced by some third party software, I hope, for the meantime, I still hope
to find a solution, the problematic drivers from ATI are for download at
their website under 9800>MCE thus they have been verified somehow.

Thanks again
BillDavi replied on 13-Nov-07 11:00 AM

You can find previous release of the 9800 Pro drivers (with Catalyst Control
Panel)for MCE at the address below

RalfG replied on 13-Nov-07 01:06 PM
Just in case.. .Net Framework 2 also needs to be installed.  Radeon updates
are replacement drivers, not in-place upgrades. You should uninstall the
existing drivers and other ATI utilities (DAO, control center) and then
install the new ones, rebooting at each step. There is a software uninstall
utility (in Add-Remove Programs) for this if neccessary. If it isn't already
installed you can get it here:

I find it helps to delete the C:\ATI\Support\[old driver ver.] folder after
uninstalling the driver so that Windows doesn't do a reinstall on reboot.
Not all Radeon cards are created equal, so if you have a 3rd party brand
Radeon card their own driver versions may work better or offer features not
available with the generic ATI or MS drivers.
Dimko replied on 16-Nov-07 03:35 AM
Thank you all for helping.

I allways do a clean install, and allway remove C:\ati\...
My card is indeed MSI RX9800 pro so maybe I should try the drivers from MSI

Thanks again, David