Windows 7 - Ctrl+Alt+Del doesn't do Anything!

Asked By jcurtis13 on 06-Jan-08 01:54 AM
I had tried to install an Antivirus program and now Ctrl+ALT+DEL is will not
work at all. I tried to right click on the taskbar, and the Task Manager is
Regedit and press OK. I got an error message that says: regedit is not a
valid Win32 application. I went to my Windows folder and can see the regedit
application in there. I clicked on it, and it said another program was using
it, when I had all other programs closed. Please help.

Stuar replied on 07-Jan-08 12:47 PM

can you type in the Run box: taskmgr
Have you tried a new keyboard?

If you are brave enough, go into the regostry and try this:-
HKey_Current_User \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \
Policies \ Explorer \ NoWinKeys. Is it set to 1? Set it to 0 to make Windows
keys work.


Control Panel/Keyboard Look to see if the right keyboard is highlighted or
anything disabled.

Other than that I can only think of a repair installtion.
JW replied on 07-Jan-08 01:59 PM
Are you logged into an account with Administrator privileges?
Gene E. Bloch replied on 07-Jan-08 02:13 PM
On 1/07/2008, Stuart posted this:

Well, the OP *did* say he can't run regedit :-)

I would suggest several things:

Try the above things in safe mode (including regedit!); also, maybe
some or all of the items below work better in safe mode.

Uninstall the antivirus program (and *never* reinstall it!).

Do a system restore to before installing the AV software.

I wonder, though, if some of those problems go away after rebooting. Or
maybe he can (carefully) suppress some programs that load at startup,
using msconfig from the run menu, and then he might regain access to
regedit and the task manager. Or download and install Process Explorer;
if that is allowed to run, it gives control similar to Task Manager
(and I like the interface and features better).

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