Windows 7 - Usage of mouse scroll wheel causes PC to freeze & screen goes blan

Asked By mcelroy on 13-Jan-08 07:05 PM
My PC is running Windows XP (SP2).

When I utilize the mouse scroll wheel to quickly scan up & down pages, my
computer will freeze then the screen goes blank for approxmately 5-10
seconds. Afterwards, the screen comes back up. If I scroll too quick again,
the PC will do the same thing again and again.

FYI, I have changed the video card and the condition is still present.
Also, I have the correct mouse drivers.

Any thoughts which you can provide would be appreciated.

S.Sengupta replied on 13-Jan-08 08:22 PM
Make sure you have latest drivers(video as well as mouse).

If that doesn't help then try to change the hardware accelaration speed
and see if that helps.

mcelroy replied on 13-Jan-08 08:46 PM
How do you change the hardware accerlaration speed. FYI, the PC is NOT
overclocked. Thanks much
S.Sengupta replied on 13-Jan-08 08:59 PM
Right-click the desktop, and then click Properties.
In the Display Properties dialog box, click the Settings tab, and then
click the Advanced button.
Click the Troubleshoot tab, and then choose the desired level of
hardware acceleration.

mcelroy replied on 13-Jan-08 09:09 PM
Thank you...I will give it a try
mcelroy replied on 13-Jan-08 09:26 PM
I tried all of these 'slower' settings and the problem still was present.
Any thoughts would be much appreciated......
S.Sengupta replied on 13-Jan-08 10:05 PM
Look at the Event Viewer:-

mcelroy replied on 13-Jan-08 11:38 PM
When I open the Control Panel, I do not see an icon for "Performance and
S.Sengupta replied on 14-Jan-08 01:55 AM
Open Control Panel and click on Switch to Category View present in the
left pane.
Alternatively-Open Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer >
Application.Here you look for error log.