Windows 7 - Can't read from Sandisk SDHC 8gb card

Asked By dwightr on 27-Apr-08 02:10 AM
Just installed the hotfix (WindowsXP-KB934428-v3-x86-ENU.exe) from MS and my
computer still won't read my new 8gb Sandisk SDHC card.  The computer has a
built in card reader and is using Windows XP.  It reads a 2gb card fine.  I
can plug the camera into a USB port and can read the card and download the
pictures fine.  Any other suggestions?


Gary Mount replied on 27-Apr-08 05:01 AM
You probably need to get a new card reader that is compatible with SDHC. I
don't think that a software upgrade will upgrade the hardware to make it
work. Kinda like how software won't make a DVD player become a Blue Ray disk
olfart replied on 27-Apr-08 11:06 AM
Same problem here. Get a USB to SDHC Card Reader. Got mine from
Gene E. Bloch replied on 28-Apr-08 11:34 PM
On 4/27/2008, olfart posted this:

Let me second Gary Mount & olfart...

Works fine with the right reader.

BTW, Radio Shack sometimes sells a Targus TGR-CRD25 multi-format card
reader for about $10, which in my case does a fine job of reading SDHC
in its SD slot.

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marcionbispo replied on 24-Dec-08 07:22 AM
I have the same problem, my presario laptop with XP also can't read a
trancend 4GB SDHC card, even after installing the hotfix. But the same
laptop with linux (debian etch, kernel 2.6.24) read this sdhc card!! The
problem is the XP, not the card reader.

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David B. replied on 24-Dec-08 08:51 AM
What does this have to do with Media Center? And as you failed to quote the
previous post, and the forum your posting from is leaching off of
Microsoft's news servers, we have no idea what the original problem is.


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