Windows 7 - How do you change the default location to save Recorded TV files

Asked By heytomneedshel on 01-Jun-08 12:59 PM
I would like to add a larger, external HD to my Media Center PC so that I
have more storage capacity for saving the programs I record.  The default is
to save it under My Documents/RecordedTV, but I would like to find where to
change this so I could make this location on a separate drive.

CSM1 replied on 01-Jun-08 02:42 PM
In is in the Media Center interface.
Settings > TV> Recorder > Recorder Storage.

You must have the drive connected at all times if you use external storage.

heytomneedsehel replied on 02-Jun-08 08:10 AM

While your response was informative... (I would need to make sure this drive
or folder location was connected (available) at all times), you did not
answer the question.  Where do you set or configure a file to set the
location where Media Center saves these files... in otherwords, I don't want
to save it in ".../My Documents/Recorded TV".

Thank you.

CSM1 replied on 02-Jun-08 10:30 AM
You can not configure a folder in Media Center. You can only configure the

By default (in MCE 2005) the folder is "Recorded TV". MCE will always create
that folder on the drive configured in Record Storage.

Vista may be different. I do not know about what folder Vista uses. From all
that I have heard, the Vista version of Media Center is not that much
different from the Media Center in MCE 2005.

autopaint at replied on 02-Jun-08 12:09 PM
Go into Media Center then under settings>TV>Recorder>Recorded Storage and
pick the drive you need, using “Record on Drive”.
Richard A Miller MCE mvp
heytomneedshel replied on 03-Jun-08 08:07 AM
Thank you Richard and Carl.  I have an additional, removable drive and drive
bay in my Home Entertainment Center (PC), so this drive will be present at
all times (unless I remove it when the unit is off) and gives me addtional
storage.  Thank you for letting me know the settings below on how to set a
different drive (I don't mind what the folder will be called).  Please
consider this question closed and I will try this once I return from the
business trip I am on.  If I have additional questions, I will create
additions to this string.  Thanks again.