Windows 7 - Connection Failure -- 360 and Media Center

Asked By markc on 27-Jun-08 11:16 PM
I'm running Vista Home Premium SP1, and am trying to connect my XBOX
360. Setup seemed to go fine, but each time I try to connect, I
receive the following error message:

Media Center based PC. Would you like to reconnect?"

I've tried searching for the error message, and google only turns up a
small number of hits, none of which seem to have resolutions.

I have no problem streaming media from Media Player, but can't get
Media Center to play nice. Any ideas?

Barb Bowman replied on 28-Jun-08 05:04 AM
Are you running Norton or any 3rd party software? Uninstall Norton


Barb Bowman
markc replied on 30-Jun-08 01:48 AM
Thanks for the suggestion!

I tried uninstalling AVG and disabling the Windows Firewall, but I
still get the same error message.
Barb Bowman replied on 29-Jun-08 05:23 AM
please describe your network setup and post what is in the event

what router and what firmware version are you using?


Barb Bowman
markc replied on 30-Jun-08 01:49 AM
I'm connected to a Linksys WRT54G running the Tomato 1.19 firmware.
The Vista PC is connected via wireless (though switching to a wired
connection produces the same error message) and the 360 is wired.

The only thing that seems to appear in the event log when I attempt to
connect is a security audit success message and a few success messages
regarding the PnP-X IP Bus Enumerator Service.

Thanks again for helping. :-)

Barb Bowman replied on 30-Jun-08 05:06 AM
a couple of things
1. can you run

2. can you temporarily bypass the router and connect the pc to the
360 directly and see if you can connect?


Barb Bowman
Barb Bowman replied on 30-Jun-08 02:35 PM
just to be sure nothing is overlooked, please see


Barb Bowman
markc replied on 03-Jul-08 06:48 AM
I removed the 360 in Media Center, and disconnected the computer from
within the 360's system menu. I then connected the 360 directly to the
PC, and followed the set up as indicated in your link. As soon as the
360 powered up, Vista detected the Media Center Extender and asked if
I wanted to set it up. It went through the set up process checklist
until it hit the last item (Connect to the Extender), and then the 360
popped up the original "The Xbox 360 has experienced a failure and was
disconnected from the Media Center based PC. Would you like to
reconnect?" error message again. Then, the PC notifies me that set up
is complete, but that it couldn't connect to the extender.

I really appreciate your continued assistance with this. Thanks again!

Bryan W replied on 10-Jul-08 05:11 PM
I hope she is able to help you with this because this is the same problem I
am having. I can stream music from media player, but no Media Center. I got
the same error from the Internet connectivity test, and when i try to connect
the 360, my event logs are showing the _exact_ same messages.

However, I am running different hardware and firmware. (HP Pavilion DV6700
PC running Vista Ultimate w/most recent updates, Linksys WRT160N router with
most recent mfr firmware.)

I don't know if my input will help at all in solving the problem, but I am
definitely keeping tabs on this thread for the solution.
markc replied on 12-Jul-08 12:41 AM
My PC is an HP Pavilion laptop, too. Uninstalling DigitalPersona
immediately fixed the problem.

Bryan replied on 11-Jul-08 11:35 AM
Uninstalling DigitalPersona worked. Now my only problem is Transcode360 not
working on my PC, but I will take that problem to their forums. Thank you very
Snive replied on 12-Jul-08 07:59 PM
That worked for me!

I was receiving the same exact error ""The Xbox 360 has experienced a
failure and was disconnected from the Media Center based PC. Would you like
to reconnect?" and it would try to connect but would always fail.

I have a fingerprint reader application called ASUS Security Protect
Manager.  In its settings I unchecked "Enforce Asus Security Protect Manager
logon to Windows."  You may have to run the extender wizard again, but for me
the XBOX 360 connected about 10 seconds after I hit apply.   Apparently it
was interfering with the XBOX 360 logging into Vista.  Thankfully, I can
still swipe my fingerprint to log on to Windows.

Reiderato replied on 14-Jul-08 03:36 PM
I've posted elsewhere about a similar problem but mine boils down to the fact
that the PnPX-IP Bus Enumerator won't run and therefore the Media Center
Extender Service won't run. Has there been a solution found for this yet? My
random details:
Upgraded from XP MCE to Vista Home Premium
XBox 360 is wired to DLink DI-784 router and Dell XPS M1710 (Vista PC) is
wireless (but I've tried wiring both and connectint Dell directly to Xbox
with same error).
No fingerprint reader; Only Windows Firewall running (although McAfee
software is running, I have tried with McAfee completely disabled with same
I've used msconfig to disable all startup programs and get same results.

To be clear, the Event Viewer gives error -113 after each connection attempt.
No tick boxes are ever ticked before I get "Pc Configuration Error" and each
time I try a new certificate is created, but no MCX# user account is created.

I know many others have this exact problem (I've been all over the internet
looking for a solution) and have had it for over a year. I can't believe
there is no solution yet. Thanks in advance for any assistance or pointers
you can provide.