Windows 7 - Media Player 11 Won't Open

Asked By Jim on 20-Oct-08 09:30 AM
Can't seem to open Media Player 11 on a Dell 1501 (with XP MCE 2005 SP3 all
updates).  MP11 opens as part of the install and works fine, but won't
re-open after it's been closed.  Can't open with shortcuts, indirectly with
music files or using Open With option.  Have disabled non-Microsoft services
and all startup files, but still no help.  Any advice??  I just can't stand
to even look at Media Center.

CSM1 replied on 20-Oct-08 10:15 AM
Have you downloaded and installed Media Player 11?

Windows XP Media Center 2005 has Media Player 10 as part of Media center,
unless you do the Windows update or install the player directly.

Jim replied on 20-Oct-08 11:10 AM
Thanks for the reply.  Yes, I downloaded the latest version of MP11 which
installs just fine and opens as the last part of the installation.  It sees
my music files, etc., and will play them just fine.  But when I close MP11,
it won't re-open.  I did try to do a roll-back to MP10, but that didn't work
any differently (wouldn't re-open).
David B. replied on 20-Oct-08 11:22 AM
Anything in the event log referencing the problem?


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CSM1 replied on 20-Oct-08 11:30 AM
I can't imagine what is wrong.
You did reboot the computer after installing Media Player 11, didn't you.

After you install Media Player 11, Media Player 11 becomes the player used
in TV and Videos while in Media Center interface.

Normally if you are in Window XP not Media Center interface, you can just
click on the desktop icon and open Media Player 11.

Or you can find Media Player 11's icon in Start > All Programs > Accessories

Jim replied on 20-Oct-08 12:00 PM
I can't either.  Rebooting was not part of the installation process; however,
I have turned the computer off after installing MP11 and MP11 wouldn't open
after the computer was restarted.  I can play media from Media Center, just
not via Media Player and I really prefer Media Player to Media Center.
I have two other computers which running under WinXP Home and WinXP
Professional; they both have Media Player 11 and it runs flawlessly on both
of those platforms.
As to the Start/All Programs/Accessories option, it won't run there.  That
is, after closure from the install, MP11 won't open via the Desktop icon, the
QuickLaunch icon, the Start/.../Accessories icon, the Windows Explorer icon
in its Program location, or by clicking on an audio file or by trying to open
an audio file with the "Open With" option.  The only time MP11 runs is when
it's installed and nothing thereafter will open it.
Pretty frustrating
Jim replied on 20-Oct-08 12:00 PM
Thanks, David.  I will check when I get home as I am not on the affected
computer at this time.
S.Sengupta replied on 20-Oct-08 08:54 PM
Hi Jim,try the following:-

1. Click Start, click Run, type regsvr32 jscript.dll, and then click OK.
2. Click Start, click Run, type regsvr32 vbscript.dll, and then click OK.

Does it help?

Jim replied on 20-Oct-08 10:10 PM
Thanks for the suggestions.  I did them, got OKs to whatever they did, but it
did not help with opening Media Player.

Curious replied on 21-Oct-08 10:27 AM
Do you have any other DVD players installed on your system such as Nero? If
yes do they work?
Jim replied on 21-Oct-08 10:55 AM
I'm glad you asked this (maybe).  I put a DVD movie in the drive, noting that
Real Player, Power DVD, Media Center and Media Player all came up as opening
options.  I chose Media Player (the same program I can't open) and...drum opened and started to play the movie.  I then put an audio CD in
the drive and again selected Media Player; again, it opened and played a
track just fine.  I then closed MP11 and tried to re-open it.  No good.

So, it seems that, if selected, Media Player will open and play either an
audio CD or DVD, but you still can't open it either directly from the Desktop
or any other shortcut or indirectly via a stored audio track either by
directly clicking on the track or by selecting the track and using the Open
With option.

Pretty curious, eh?

Thanks again,

Jim C
Jim replied on 21-Oct-08 11:07 AM
Here's are the results of some further digging: I can open Media Player 11
using the Start/Run "C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe"
route and it will play stored audio tracks (and tracks from a CD, too), but I
can't open the Player using Windows Explorer or any of the alternate routes
available with Windows Explorer (e.g., Send to, Pin to, etc.).
Curious replied on 21-Oct-08 12:12 PM
Are you saying that you can open Media Player using run  "C:\Program
Files\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe" but if using Windows Explorer and
go the same location that you can not open it with a double click or by
selecting open using a right click?
When you go to wmplayer.exe I suggest that you drag and drop using the right
mouse button to your desktop and create a Icon for it.
Jim replied on 21-Oct-08 12:48 PM
That's exactly what I'm saying.  And the right-click drag and drop doesn't
work, either dropping as a shortcut or a copy.  It's only opening to play a
disk or if selected using Start/Run "C:\Program...\wmplayer.exe".
Curious replied on 21-Oct-08 01:12 PM
I suggest that you check all of the properties/permissions of the file since
it appears that use of the Run command permits the file to open where the
other methods do not.
Jim replied on 21-Oct-08 06:16 PM
The problem has been solved.  I started to remove all player-type stuff that
I either don't use or don't need.  That included Real Player, EmoDio (for a
Samsung MP3), Apple Mobile Device Support (no iPod) and a Hotfix I found for
Media Player 10 (EmeraldQFE2 - whatever that is).  The Hotfix required a
restart and, after starting, tried a newly created shortcut.  Instead of no
response I received an error that wmp.dll was version and that
version 11.0.5721.530 was expected and if I wanted to download WMP11 from the
website.  I did, installed it, and, as expected it opened, but unlike other
times, it will now reopen via a Desktop shortcut.

So, I think the Hotfix was the culprit and I'm a happy camper again.

Thanks to all who showed an interest and lent support.


Jim C
S.Sengupta replied on 22-Oct-08 09:00 PM
All the best.