Windows 7 - Session 3 Initialization Failed

Asked By Angel on 01-Nov-08 08:07 AM

I'm not computer savy when it comes to these types of issues.  Can someone
give me simple instructions on how to fix this?

I get a black screen that gives me the option to go into safe mode, but it
goes straight to the Blue Screen with this message at the top - Session 3
Initialization Failed.  The stop message is STOP: 0x0000006F with a bunch of
zeros in ( ).

Every day I turn on the computer hoping that it would just go away and it
hasn't.  Nothing new has been connected or installed as it is telling me on
the blue screen.

What is my next step?



CSM1 replied on 01-Nov-08 09:28 AM
According to this you have some kind of hardware that is failing.

You best step is to take the computer to a qualified service technician.