Windows 7 - new windows search page

Asked By Larr on 06-Jan-09 07:43 PM
My question is where did this new windows search page come from. I prefer the
old one with the little dog helper.   My system is Win XP Pro SP3  with all
updates installed.
The search page I am referring to is under the start button. Thanks for any
help. Larry

David B. replied on 07-Jan-09 09:02 AM
This group is for Windows Media Center discussion, repost to a more
appropriate group such as xp.general.


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BillDavi replied on 07-Jan-09 09:06 AM
The new search page came from Windows Update.  If you look at the new search
page there is a button or link that you can click to use the old search.

Larr replied on 07-Jan-09 10:20 AM
Sorry for my msatake