Windows 7 - Help: how to play DAT file

Asked By sothun thay on 09-Mar-09 01:08 AM
Hello Everyone,

I have copied DAT file from my VCD and placed them in my local hard drive. I
am wondering how do I play them via Windows Media Center extender (LinkSys

FYI, I have created a hardlink MPEG file points to the original DAT file
using "fsutil.exe" command; but still I could not play.

Your advice would be much appreciated.

swarfega replied on 09-Mar-09 08:00 AM
WMC doesnt support dat files so you need a conversion program. Take a look

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sothun thay replied on 15-Mar-09 04:28 AM
Hello swarfega,

Thanks for your prompted anwer. I will consider convert the DAT files to
mpeg files if this is the only solution. I thought there is a simple twik
that allow me to play DAT file simple as that.

All the best.

Thank you