Windows 7 - Blue Screen Error - STOP: c000007b {bad image

Asked By greg on 12-Feb-10 06:55 PM
How can I Fix Problem.  Tried bootibg safe mode, nothing happens  Do not have
Original XP CD but am completely legal.

Curious replied to greg on 12-Feb-10 07:54 PM
Well if you do not have  original installation or recovery CD's or a recovery
partition on your HDD that you can uss following the instructions that came
with your system then you are probably out of luck.
Curious replied to Curious on 12-Feb-10 07:58 PM
Or if your system came from an OEM vendor and has a product key sticker on
the back,  side, or bottom of the system.  Then you can use recovery system
disks from  a friend who has the same  make of XP MCE systen.