Windows 7 - Transcode MOV, MP4, M4V to WMV

Asked By vidio on 16-May-07 05:14 PM
Does Windows support transcoding from an Apple format to WMV? I need to
transcode from these formats but would rather not use FFMPEG. Hoping that
Windows Server ships with some sort of transcoding tools.

Neil Smith [MVP Digital Media] replied on 17-May-07 03:51 PM
On Wed, 16 May 2007 14:14:00 -0700, vidiot

You can transcode a *file* in Expression media encoder, which supports
most Quicktime formats for import : You'll need quicktime installed
for it to achieve the import as it uses QT source filters.

All you need then is to move the WMV files to your media server.

Cheers - Neil
Digital Media MVP : 2004-2007
vidio replied on 17-May-07 04:10 PM
Thanks ! But, I am looking for a server side method. Does a Windows Server do
anything like that?
Neil Smith [MVP Digital Media] replied on 18-May-07 05:30 PM
No. It's not the job of a server to do file transcoding, that's for an
encoding machine with distinctly different hardware requirements...

WMS is mostly set up to deliver pre-encoded files from disk, or to
move bits from aan incoming live stream to the network. The hardware
and OS requirements are entirely different.

You can script the expression encoder using the command line, if
that's of any interest to you.

Cheers - Neil

On Thu, 17 May 2007 13:10:01 -0700, vidiot

Digital Media MVP : 2004-2007
cuilumin replied on 31-May-07 04:41 AM
you can first install the QuickTime software in your system, and then the
Windows Media Encoder can use the QucikTime Decodec to decode the movie and
then use Windows Media to encode the movie frame to wmv file.

in the encodecs, you can choose one encodec to produce the movie.