Windows 7 - How To Rip Karaoke Music with Windows Media Player

Asked By goodynewshoe on 13-Jun-07 07:57 PM
Hi !

I have looked EVERYWHERE on the Internet trying to find an answer to this...

I have several karaoke style CDs that have one disk with vocals and one disk
without.  Windows Media Player will not allow me to rip the second CD--it
recognizes them both as the same and states it was already ripped to the

Is there some way around this??

Thanks so much for your help!!


MikePozMSF replied on 14-Jun-07 03:26 AM
That's because to WMP the audio tracks portion is identical and so the CDs
are, in effect, duplicates.

These CDs are Audio with the tracks being the same duration on both.
Because the audio track duration is identical for all tracks on both CDs,
they have the same TOC which is the code that WMP uses to identify the disc.

Ripping both of them presents problems because of the automatic metadata
updating that occurs.

What you need to do is rip the CDs using some third party software that
won't access a metadata server and so the discs should be able to be ripped
separately.  You'll need to manually name the disc and tracks.

Question:  Given that ripped Karaoke CDs don't give you the lyrics text with
the tracks when you play them back, why do you want to rip them?

Mike Poz [MSFT]
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goodynewshoe replied on 14-Jun-07 12:50 PM
Hi Mike!

Thanks so much for your help.  Can you recommend some third part software
that won't access the metadata?  I'm not too knowledgeable about this stuff.
I'm a newbie!
MikePozMSF replied on 14-Jun-07 02:00 PM
I've used Winamp Pro and Roxio softare (both cost money) to rip CDs to WMA
format with no problems, others have used other products.

There are a number of freeware products out there but I can't recommend any,
sorry.   I'm sure that in a day or so a few people will chime in with their

You could also post a message asking for suggestions from other users.

Something like "Freeware CD Ripping Suggestion Request" in the title should
get you many replies.  Freeware is software that doesn't cost anything, but
you need to be careful because some of it's "ad ware" which means you get
advertisements, they also may install web browsing trackers, etc.  Make sure
to phrase your request for something that's easy to use, clean and reliable.

Mike Poz [MSFT]
This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.