Windows 7 - WMP 11 File Names on Ripped media

Asked By Mike Batesole on 20-Jun-07 10:28 PM
The Artist name does not appear in the file name of the song - instead the Contributing Artist's name column is used....Album information is found on the web and updates the Artist name correctly but instead of using the Artist name the Contributing Artist information is entered in the file name as "Unknown Artist"....I've configured the "Rip Music" file name option to create a file name with Title, Artist, Genre, Album and the Rip window columns are set to show the same headings....but the Artist name is left out everytime....I can edit the Contributing Artist column to reflect the correct Artist but this defeats automated the Find the Album Info option and creates extra work....any suggestions?

MikePozMSF replied on 21-Jun-07 04:58 PM
Hi Mike,

The reason we go with Contributing Artist rather than Album Artist is quite
simple:  Do you want your ripped tracks to have "Various Artists" for the
artist name in the file name?

Okay that question asked, the next thing to inform you of is that not all
album metadata will have the Contributing Artist data come down from the

Does the CD metadata show the track contributing artist?  If there's nothing
there, then we can't put anything in the file name.

I know that this code works because I just ran a test to confirm it works.
On the tracks that have multiple contributing artists, we put all of them
there as there's no way to separate the primary artist from the "with"

Mike Poz [MSFT]
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