Windows 7 - How do I get Windows Media Player to be in m system tray?

Asked By Lappy on 13-Jul-07 01:21 PM
I'm running Media Player 11 in Vista Home Basic.  On first run of MP
on the new PC I was asked if I wanted to minimise Media Player to the
System Tray. I said "yes" and got a wonderful little set of icons in
my system tray to control MP, restore it, close it etc.

Since then I've lost it and can't get it back.  MP is running just
fine, I have no other problems/issues, but I want my MP in the System
Tray again and it's giving me a headache!  I am probably being a
dumbass but I've given up and need help.

Can anyone help?  Pleeeeease?

Neil Smith [MVP Digital Media] replied on 13-Jul-07 04:20 PM
On Fri, 13 Jul 2007 10:21:03 -0700, Lappy <>

You should be able to right-click on the taskbar (the black bar to the
right of the Start button). From the menu there, click on Toolbars,
and ensure "windows media player" toolbar is ticked.

When you minimse the player, it should disappear back down to the
controller in the task bar. If the toolbar is disabled, then it'll
become a normal icon on the task bar, with no controls.

Cheers - Neil
Digital Media MVP : 2004-2007
Lappy replied on 14-Jul-07 07:03 AM
Thank you Neil, that is done it.  Happy now.