Windows 7 - LocalMLS

Asked By GlennDis on 26-Aug-07 03:58 PM
Hello everyone.
I have WMP 11 (Swedish) with about 33.000 songs, and I have a question.
In my folder "Documenst and Settings" I have a folder called "LocalMLS"
which contains almost 17.000 JPG-files. And its growing. It is a pain in the
a** every time I scan hard-drives for viruses. It takes a lot of time. I
don't understand this. Does it have to be there, I mean, I allready have
every JPG-file (albumArt) in the folder where the music is. It looks like the
JPG-files are stored in 2 places.
Can I remove the content of LocalMLS or what?
Hope you understand what I mean.


VanshajDag replied on 27-Aug-07 06:18 PM
wmp11 resizes the current existing album art to 200x200 size image and put it
in this folder and uses it to further display instead of using album art in
folders for quick and easy display. If you have good quality album art and
want to have it as a backup leave it as it is otherwise i suggest to delete
album art in every folder instead of deleting Localmls folder. But i will
also suggest to have a backup of your album art as a rar or zip archive on
one cd.
Vanshaj Daga
GlennDis replied on 28-Aug-07 01:38 PM
Ok, I understand, thanks.