Windows 7 - Installation error message 8007F004

Asked By Fourbea on 03-Sep-07 07:12 PM
After using Windows Media Player 10 spasmodically but successfully for ages,
I suddenly received an error message:

expected. Windows Media Player is not installed properly and must be
reinstalled. Do you want to install the Player from teh Microsoft Website. "

I clicked yes, and downloaded Windows Media Player 11 from the site I was
directed to, but in trying to install it, I get almost right the way through
and an error message appears saying Windows Media Player 11 failed to
install. On clicking the more info link, I am taken to a page which tells me
I have error 8007F004, but that there is no more information avaialable for
this error. I have searched the Microsoft website and this discussion group
but no leads.

Does anyone have any ideas on what might be happening and how I can fix it
and successfully download WMP11?

Many thanks.

MediaMa replied on 04-Sep-07 06:32 AM
After some research on this it appears this error appears when you are on a
Admin controlled domain, i.e at a corporate or school network. The Admin may
block you from reinstalling/installing programs. If so there isn't much you
can do to complete the installation
All the Best
Josh Chandler
Fourbea replied on 04-Sep-07 08:40 PM
Hi Josh,

Thanks for replying. I had come across that fact in some research I had
done, and thought that may be the problem. But my laptop has two totally
separate profiles for office and home, where office is administered across
the company network, but home operates across our wireless network - and I
get the same problem at home.

Any other thoughts?