Windows 7 - trim wmv video without re-encoding

Asked By Jeff on 11-Nov-08 03:51 PM
Is there a program that will allow me to trim a wmv video without having to
re-encode it?  Windows Media Encoder can't trim a video and Windows Movie
Maker always forces you to re-encode the video even if all you do is trim 1
minute from the begining of a video.


John Inzer replied on 11-Nov-08 05:16 PM
Movie Maker would be my choice.


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zachd [MSFT] replied on 11-Nov-08 06:32 PM
Have you tried the Windows Media File Editor that comes with the Windows
Media Encoder download?

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Jeff replied on 11-Nov-08 06:39 PM
No, I never heard of it.  I just checked my windows media folder and sure
enough, there it is!  I will try it and let you know.  Thanks!!!
Jeff replied on 11-Nov-08 06:51 PM
Yep, that worked!  Thanks!!!