Windows 7 - Computer won't shut down after installing updates

Asked By Emm on 14-Feb-07 08:25 AM
I have a computer with Windows XP and have automatic windows updates enabled.
When I go to switch off the computer, it says the updates will be installed
and the computer will automatically switch off.
It starts to go through the shut down process and says installing update 1
of 1.  The bar moves as though the computer is doing something but it just
never shuts down.  Even leaving it overnight doesn't help, it just won't
switch itself off so eventually you have to do it manually, by holding the on
off switch.
I don't know if the updates install or no.

Alias replied on 14-Feb-07 08:37 AM
Reboot. Wait. Click on the bubble. Watch the install.

Emm replied on 14-Feb-07 09:15 AM
I can't reboot.  The computer has logged off and is in the process of
shutting down, while installing the updates, so I can't do anything but use
the on/off switch.
I have another computer with XP and that goes through the same automatic
update process but switches off automatically without any problems.
Alias replied on 14-Feb-07 10:09 AM
So, when you turn the computer back on, what happens?

Emm replied on 14-Feb-07 11:57 AM
It starts up as normal - there is nothing to indicate that the update has or
has not installed.
Alias replied on 14-Feb-07 12:39 PM
And if you go to Windows Update, does is say you have updates? Also,
look at Control Panel > Add Remove Programs > Tick/Check Show Updates
and look at the dates.

Sounds to me like they installed and you have nothing to worry about but
I would do the above to make sure :-)