Windows 7 - Vista update error code 8024A000

Asked By lars on 14-May-07 12:35 PM
I have vista buiness and cannot download updates of vista.

Lars Blom

Enge replied on 15-May-07 08:47 PM
Hello Lars,

Are you fetching updates from a SUS or WSUS server, or from Microsoft?

How to troubleshoot Windows Update, Microsoft Update, and Windows Server
Update Services installation issues
If your windows update is pointing to your local WSUS, then you must include
the Windows Defender in synchronization setting.
In Products selection, please include Windows Defender
In Update classifications, please include Definition Updates

You must synchronize the server and approve the definition for clients to
get the latest definition.

You experience problems when you access the Windows Update Version 5 or
Version 6 Web site through a server that is running ISA Server
ttran replied on 26-Jul-07 02:46 PM
Searching around on Microsoft support, I found a sollution to the
problem listed under a solution for another problem. Give this a go and
hopefully it works for you or anyone running Vista with this problem.

1) Go to Start -> Run
2) Type in MSCONFIG and press enter
3) Under the 'BOOT' tab, tick the 'Safe Boot' box and select 'Minimal'
4) Press OK and proceed to restarting the computer when prompted
5) Once computer restarts log in and open Window Explorer
6) Navigate to your Windows directory and look for SoftwareDistribution
7) Rename this folder to SoftwareDistribution.old
8) Go back into MSCONFIG and turn off 'Safe Boot' and restart
9) Run Windows update again.

SUMMARY: Windows has somehow managed to corrupt its own system files,
possibly during one of its previous updates... Once you get the Windows
update to work, you will notice that Windows Defender will start to

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therman replied on 16-May-08 04:39 AM
For your info, a Safe boot is not required.

Just run services.msc , then stop the BITS (Background Intelligent
Transfer Service), and Automatic Update Service (XP) or Windows Update
Service (Vista).  Then you can rename SoftwareDistribution and restart
the two services.  Had this just now with my Vista Ultimate machine,
and this worked fine, with no need to reboot.


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vith replied on 05-Jun-08 06:20 AM
I tried every solution I could find for EVERY windows update error to try to
fix this problem on Vista.  I eventually got it working by installing MSXML3