Windows 7 - KB892130 - WGA - Uninstall

Asked By Lady Dungeness on 20-Jun-07 08:08 PM
KB892130 - WGA Legit Control Checker

I'd like to uninstall this.  I looked through the registry and found some
interesting keys in the

UNINSTALL section:

Now, If I modify the dword values to 00000004, will that allow me to
uninstall it?

Lady Dungeness
Crabby, but Great Legs!

PA Bear replied on 20-Jun-07 08:32 PM
892130 cannot be uninstalled, and it must be installed for you to be able to
use Windows Update/Microsoft Update website.  It is NOT required to use
Automatic Updates.

892130 ( is NOT the same Windows
Genuine Advantage (WGA) update as 905474
(  The former is frequently updated.
The latter remains optional, is not needed to use Windows Update/Microsoft
Update website, and cannot be uninstalled either.
~Robear Dyer (PA Bear)
MS MVP-Windows (IE, OE, Security, Shell/User)
AumHa VSOP & Admin;
Lady Dungeness replied on 20-Jun-07 08:48 PM
I see.

It's MS's software, and they're a private company and entitled to protect
their investment and profits.  But there's something about it that makes me
think of the Stazi.  Once I've proven I'm not guilty (even though no one had
reason to suspect otherwise), I'd prefer a file or cookie or certificate of
good behavior, and open access to future updates without having to reprove
my innocence.

I should be thankful it's not the government that's doing this.  And it
makes me appreciate the restraints on government that the constitution
provides.  Otherwise, the government would inevitably adopt the behavior of
private companies.

Again, I do not fault MS for taking steps to cut down on piracy.

Lady Dungeness
Crabby, but Great Legs!

Michael Bednarek replied on 21-Jun-07 04:29 AM
On Wed, 20 Jun 2007 17:48:58 -0700, Lady Dungeness wrote in


I suspect the pirates are hardly bothered by Microsoft's WGA (advantage?
whose advantage?); as usual, it's the law abiding "mums and dads" who
have to wear it.

Michael Bednarek   "POST NO BILLS"
jr replied on 04-Mar-08 05:57 AM
Of course it doesn't cut down on piracy - heh:

I bought MS Windows XP Pro, and paid a pretty penny.  Then, because I have
an issue with having to re-Activate every time I change enough components in
my computer, (I change them *alot*) I downloaded a corporate copy of XP... no
more phone calls to MS every other week explaining why I decided to change
components in *MY* computer.  Oh, and WGA my status... *angelic tunes here*
-=Genuine=-; MS thanks me for being a good little customer and using a
installed.  Pfft.

/end rant