Windows 7 - do I need to keep windows update files in C:?

Asked By kirtikan on 25-Jun-07 06:42 AM
Hi all
While WINDOWS update, as known to all folder WINDOWS gets few files e.g.
$hf_aaaa or $msaaaaa or $uninstallaaaaaa and logfiles of related update,
where aaaa represents some name of files downloaded either automatic update
or otherwise.
Now my Q is that do I keep it in C;/WINDOWS folder? This continually
increases size of WINDOWS folder and creats space problem!
What will happen if I delete log files and these $ files?
Can any one guide me?
kirtikant shah

TaurArian [MS-MVP] replied on 25-Jun-07 06:49 AM
Folders that have uninstall as part of the name (for example $NtUninstallKB282010$ which
reside in C:\windows (hidden folders) are Window Hot Fix Update folders/files) can be
safely deleted (providing you never wish to uninstall the updates). I would recommend
leaving these folders for a period of at least a month to make sure the update is working

These updates can be deleted individually or in multiples. To find out more about the
update/s go to:
NB: XXXXXX = the actual number not including the "Q" or "KB"

Once you have deleted the uninstall folders/files, then go to Control Panel, Add/Remove
Programs. Select the matching Windows Hotfix Title relating the update folder/file you
have just deleted and select remove. You will get a Windows error. This is because you
have deleted the uninstall folder/files. Just choose OK and the entry will be deleted from
the Add/Remove Programs Listing.

If you prefer move them to another area.
TaurArian [MS-MVP] 2005-2007 - Australia
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Robin Walker [MVP] replied on 25-Jun-07 11:01 AM
Do not, under any circumstances, interfere with or delete anything under the
WINDOWS\$hf_mig$\ directory.

Robin Walker [MVP Networking]
kirtikan replied on 26-Jun-07 01:25 AM
Hi Mr. robin
Thanks for suggestion. However, I am little confused. Can I delete files
other than $hf_aaaa? like $uninstallaaaaa and logfiles? as suggested by Mr.
Taurarian after a month or so?
Thanks for your suggestions.
kirtikant shah
TaurAria replied on 26-Jun-07 02:11 AM
Yes -
Mr TaurArian