Windows 7 - Do I NEED ALL .net framework versions?

Asked By Silverfox on 21-Jul-07 11:00 AM
My PC is a P4 2.4ghz IntelMB, 1gig ram, and was purchased in 2002.
With ALL the problems associated with installing these latest security
updates for the .net framework versions can I simply uninstall ALL the
present versions I have which are the below and when I re-install can I leave
the .net 1.0.3705 and its hotfix KB886906 out of the PC?

This is what I have now:
Net Ver. 1.0.3705
Net Ver. 1.0 Hotfix KB886906
Net Ver. 1.1
Net Ver. 1.1 Hotfix KB886903
Net. 2.0

I want to uninstall ALL of these in reverse order and then do a fresh
re-install starting per below:

Net. 1.1
Net. 1.1 Hotfix KB886903
Net. 2.0
Net. 3.0

I had to uninstall the net 2.0 & re-install it to get the latest security
update to install and the updates for the 1.0 & 1.1 wont install either !
This is getting to be a pain so I would just as soon as alleviate at least
the 1.0 version providing I dont need it.

OS: Windows XP Home SP2

PA Bear replied on 21-Jul-07 12:57 PM
1. Uninstall all versions of .NET Framework via Add/Remove Programs.

2. Run the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility

3. Download and run the .NET Framework Cleanup Tool

4. Download/install a new copy of the most recent version of .NET Framework
1.0, 1.1, and/or 2.0 (as desired) from the Download Center:

5. Install the updates.
~Robear Dyer (PA Bear)
MS MVP-Windows (IE, OE, Security, Shell/User)
AumHa VSOP & Admin;
Silverfox replied on 21-Jul-07 01:32 PM
So obviously your stating that YES i do still need to have the net 1.0 & its
hotfix and the latest security update in my PC right ?

Should I uninstall starting with the net 2.0, then the hotfix for ver.1.1,
then the net ver. 1.1, then the hotfix for ver.1.0, then the ver. 1.0 and if
this works from the control panel/add/remove  sequence should I still run the
cleanup utility?

Upon re-install I assume I just start with the latest net ver. 1.0 up to 2.0
in sequence correct?

Also can I do all this without having to do a re-boot between each uninstall
and re-install ?

After I get this done I will install the latest three security updates for
these three versions, 1.0, 1.1, & 2.0 right ?

Thanks for your replys!
PA Bear replied on 21-Jul-07 02:07 PM

If a .NET Version is currently installed, I'd recommend keeping it installed
& fully patched, yes.

Yes, uninstall in descending order; uninstall any Hotfix before uninstalling
the main component.

Yes, that sounds like a wise thing to do.

Follow any prompts to reboot if & when encountered.

Correct.  Ideally, Automatic Updates will offer and install them without
problems now; alternately, you can download and manually install the
appropriate MS07-040 updates via the Download Center.

YW.  Best of luck.

NB: You might consider getting official support for your problems, SF:

Start a free Windows Update support incident request:

Tip: If you encounter problems, temporarily disable real-time protection by
your anti-virus and/or anti-spyware applications (e.g., CounterSpy,
Spysweeper, Spybot, AVG Anti-Spyware) and/or any third-party firewall (e.g.,
ZA) before attempting to install any update(s).
~PA Bear
Silverfox replied on 21-Jul-07 03:20 PM
Thank You very much for all the help answering all my questions in a timely
and excellent fashion. It is very much appreciated.

PA Bear replied on 21-Jul-07 11:31 PM
You're welcome and *please* let us know how you make out.
~PA Bear
Silverfox replied on 23-Jul-07 12:38 AM
I started by uninstalling the net 2.0 from the control panel add\remove list
and it uninstalled with no problem.

I then attempted to uninstall first the hotfix for the net 1.1 and it would
NOT allow me to uninstall it.

So I re-installed the net framework 2.0 and the latest update was still
intact for the 2.0 that I installed the other day after doing a uninstall &
re-install of the net 2.0

Then leaving the net 2.0 in the PC I installed the Windows Installer Clean
up utility as you suggested and when I ran the utility program the ONLY net
framework that was listed in the program was the net 2.0 that I just had
re-installed !!!!
Neither the 1.1 or the 1.0 along with their respective hotfixes were listed.

So I dont know how I am going to be able to uninstall the 1.1 & the 1.0
along with their earlier released hotfixes to be able to re-install them and
then be able to update the latest security updates for them !!

I have absolutely NO clues what to try now.

Any suggestions?

Regards, Ron
Silverfox replied on 23-Jul-07 12:46 AM
I was able to uninstall the net 2.0 fine thru the control\panel add\remove
I then commenced with attempting again in reverse sequence to uninstall the
hotfix for net ver. 1.1 and the add\remove would NOT allow me to.

So out of curiosity I re-installed the net 2.0 without any problems and the
latest security update for the net 2.0 was still in the pc O.K.

I then installed the Windows Installer Clean up Utility as you suggested and
ran the utility program and the ONLY net framework program listed in the
utility was the net 2.0

The net 1.1 and the net 1.0 with there respective hotfixes were NOT listed
in the utility to be able to check for removal. Even though they ARE listed
in the control\panel add\remove list.

So now I am at a complete loss on how to uninstall them along with there
hotfixes in order to do a fresh re-install of them in order to get the latest
security updates for the 1.1 & 1.0 in the pc.

Any further suggestions?

PA Bear replied on 23-Jul-07 06:44 PM
Uninstalling .NET Framework 1.1 probably would have removed the hotfix, Jim.

That was not in my set of instructions.

~PA Bear
Gadget196 replied on 07-Jan-08 05:17 PM
I just wanted to thank PA Bear for the repair instructions listed in this
communication. I could not remove/repair/or reinstall .NET 2.0 and these aps
he referenced made it possible to do so.