Windows 7 - Install New Windows Update Software

Asked By MC Hamme on 31-Jul-07 07:16 PM
When I go to run Windows Update, I get a message saying

Your automatic updating settings will not change."

I click on "install now" and get a message saying

This does not happen and the update does not install.  so it comes back to
the "check for updates" option, which of course when clicked prevents me with
the first message above.

Nice loop.....

install all updates for window replied on 31-Jul-07 08:58 PM
"MC Hammer" wrote:
TaurArian [MS-MVP] replied on 01-Aug-07 04:22 AM
Clear your Temporary Internet files then manually download and install the WU client,
close IE and then from a fresh IE window try again -

WU Client 3.0 - Windows Update Agent:
or for the 64 bit version

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