Windows 7 - Error Code 0X01

Asked By svobil on 04-Sep-07 06:26 AM
I received a 0X011 and the fix below seemed to work.  Now I get error code
0x01 and this is in my log file:

Resource copy failed from C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\Virtual PC.exe to D:\Program
Files\Microsoft Virtual PC\Virtual PC.exe

My Virtal PC 2004 is installed on D:\ as C:\ is a small drive.  Do I need to
reinstall Viryal PC 2004 on C:?

jstephensmith81yahooco replied on 04-Sep-07 07:14 AM
steve o
MowGreen [MVP] replied on 07-Sep-07 03:00 PM
Whatever update and fix you're referring to is NOT visible here.

Ah, that explains it, the dreaded 'web-based' newsgroup "viewer".

What is the fix that you tried ?

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