Windows 7 - Vista Update Error Code 57A WindowsUpdate_0000057A WindowsUpdate_d

Asked By GodzFir on 26-Oct-07 11:47 PM
I keep getting 3 failed updates no matter how many times I try to install
them or by whatever means I use to install. They are:

Update for Outlook 2003 Junk EMail Filter (KB936677)
Security Update for Excel 2003 (KB940602)
Security Update for Office 2003 (KB936048)

Each error detail comes back with a Code 57A

Robert Aldwinckle replied on 27-Oct-07 06:29 PM
F:\>set /a c = 0x57A
F:\>net helpmsg %c%

Invalid cursor handle.

So does  Vista  show the same message for  net  helpmsg  1402

Perhaps you should try avoiding the mouse of your mouse for this update?
Or, if you're using a multi-monitor configuration try switching to just one?  <EG>

GodzFir replied on 07-Nov-07 08:55 PM
I have NO idea what you are talking about
Robert Aldwinckle replied on 08-Nov-07 02:56 AM
Open a cmd window.   E.g.   Run...  (press Win-R and enter:)  cmd.exe

In the cmd window's command line enter:   net helpmsg  1402

What do you see?

Sorry that contains a typo.   I meant to write:

For example, the message I see (on XP) refers to "cursor".
FYI the pointer of your mouse is also known as a "cursor"

If you use more than one monitor or more than one pointing device
you could have an unusual case involving "cursor".   Simplifying those
cases by reducing the number of display areas and pointing devices
to one (e.g. a standard hardware configuration) would be a good way
of testing if a more complex configuration was causing your symptoms.

BTW since all your problem updates seem to involve Office
I could have suggested you try the  Office Updates  newsgroup instead.

Hmm...  in that case it's possible that the meaning of the  1402
will be something other than what your OS usually thinks it means:

Speech recognition files can't install files due to installer 1450."</title>

(Live Search for
(57A OR 0x057A OR 1402) office update

Hint:   look for details in the logs that the updates are creating.
You can use the hex code or its decimal equivalent to search for its context.
Speculation is fun but less effective for problem-solving than systematic
logical inference but to do the latter you need FACTS.
So far all you have given us is a code, so I was showing you how you
could find a possible meaning for the code and from those details
then try to infer why that code might have been issued.


Fran replied on 31-Dec-07 12:17 PM
Yes, Vista shows the same message. I get the same error, by the way.