Windows 7 - Error code 8007065E in patch (KB941649) while updating windows

Asked By lupu on 14-Nov-07 02:15 PM
Yesterday (Nov/14) the windows update show me a recommended patch (KB941649)
but the system can't complete the instalation and  the error code 8007065E
....shows up
What can I do for solution?
KB941649: Update voor Windows Vista

See details of failure here below (Dutch language)

Installatiedatum: ‎14/‎11/‎2007 19:57

Installatiestatus: Mislukt

Foutdetails: Code 8007065E

Type update: Aanbevolen

Met deze update wordt een aantal problemen met de compatibiliteit en
betrouwbaarheid van Windows Vista opgelost. Het toepassen van deze update
leidt tot betere betrouwbaarheid en hardwarecompatibiliteit in verschillende
scenario's. Wanneer u deze update hebt geïnstalleerd, moet u de computer
mogelijk opnieuw opstarten.

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Hamilto replied on 15-Nov-07 04:58 PM
I am having the same problem as lupus when installing the automatic windows
update.  I am getting the same 8007065E error code.

I did go to the KB article and install the manual update, which successfully
installed (according to past update history)...but automatic windows update
is still wanting to install this update.
lupu replied on 15-Nov-07 05:48 PM
The manaul installation of the KB as said by Hamilton worked fine to me.  I
did not encounter the same problem with the automatic windows update
Faderto replied on 16-Nov-07 12:45 PM
"Hamilton" wrote:
Faderto replied on 16-Nov-07 12:54 PM
Same exact situation. Automatic updates produced an error twice. Installed
manually, successfully (supposedly), but WU still says it's needed, and fails
again when tried. The KB workaround for creating C:\Windows\prefetch isn't
useful, since that folder does indeed already exist. Guess I could try hiding
the update, but that's not really a solution. Need someway to tell WU that I
already have it.

I notice that the successful install is titled Update for Windows (KB941649)
while the one that continually fails is titled Update for Windows Vista

Help appreciated.
frit replied on 30-Nov-07 07:31 AM
same situation, but what is the solution???