Windows 7 - Update error number 0x80190194

Asked By Bullwhacke on 26-Nov-07 04:58 PM
Trying to Update my system but I keep getting the following message. Even
after logging off, rebooting the system, then logging back in. All I want to
do is update system.

[Error number: 0x80190194]
The website has encountered a problem and cannot display the page you are
trying to view. The options provided below might help you solve the problem.
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TaurAria replied on 26-Nov-07 08:22 PM
You cannot download updates when you access the Windows Update Web site from
a Windows XP-based computer that is behind a firewall or a proxy server;en-us;896226
[Error number: 0x80244017], [Error number: 0x80244018], [Error number:
0x80244019], [Error number: 0x8024401B], [Error number: 0x80244021]

John Dough posted:
IE it showed I wasn't using one.
Running "proxycfg -d" fixed it all up."

Another user reported that clearing all cookies and temporary internet files
solved his problem and he was then able to install the update.