Windows 7 - Code 51E on SP1 update

Asked By Joshua Gottesma on 15-Dec-07 06:44 PM
I have tried installing this update at least a half dozen times, and keep
getting this same Code 51E error.  I've done this with the Windows Office
2007 DVD in the drive and with it not in the drive, I've done it with virus
protection on and virus protection off.  Nothing seems to work.  It just
won't install.  Has anybody else experienced this and how was it solved?

In what may or may not be an unrelated issue, Word has been crashing on me
constantly recently.  Windows diagnostics didn't find anything.  It may have
to do with an add-in.

Jupiter Jones [MVP] replied on 15-Dec-07 06:54 PM
What operating system?

Go to Programs/Add Remove Programs in the Control Panel.
Select Office 2007.
Then choose the Repair option.
Then try the update again.

The above applies if you attempting to install SP-1 for Office 2007.
Disregard if you are attempting to install SP-1 for Windows Vista
which is still Beta.

Jupiter Jones  [MVP]
JoshuaGottesma replied on 15-Dec-07 07:31 PM
Vista Home Premium
I tried the repair option.  I got a lot of things telling me cancel/retry
for where it thinks I don't have access to files (I'm the sole user and I'm
and administrator, so I don't know why it tells me this, I should have access
to everything).  I am talking about SP1 for Office Suite 2007 (I have Small
Business), not SP1 for Vista itself.

Thanks for your help,

ekeyse replied on 02-Jan-08 05:33 PM
For me this was an issue of the config.msi folder under c: being read-only.
But it's more than that. I have carbonite installed which affects that folder
in that way apparently. So just marking that folder as read/write isn't
enough - you need to disable carbonite (or for me anyway). This will solve
both problems probably btw.
johnlft replied on 13-Feb-08 03:33 PM

I seem to have the same problem installing sp1 for office 07 and the
config.msi folder. But I don't have carbonite installed. How can I find out
which program is causing the problem without uninstalling everything on my

ekeyse replied on 13-Feb-08 05:33 PM
Your best bet is to use something like processmonitor (from MS - used to be
sysinternals) to find out which process is touching that folder.

It's going to dump a lot of info to your screen so be sure to filter the
output. Something like "path contains 'config'"

cosm replied on 14-Feb-08 11:09 AM
I was having trouble installing SP3 (Vista home Premium).  Found this post -
made config.msi R/W and disabled Carbonite - Problem solved - Thanks ekeyser!