Windows 7 - Error msg 80092004

Asked By Jimm on 17-Dec-07 05:34 AM
what's is it mean??...i cant find detail in help and support
The windows update try to install Cumulative Security Update for Internet
Explorer 7 in Windows Vista (KB942615), but it never sccuess finish install
Just appear 80092004 error msg.

Robert Aldwinckle replied on 18-Dec-07 04:43 PM
See if you can find more clues in your Event log?

Also search for context for that code in the logs that the update creates
or modifies.

BTW did you disable all your security programs before trying to do this
install?   Just for the install phase and the reboot.  You don't need to be
connected to the Internet for either of those so you could avoid all those
sources of interference for the update.  Just to be safe though you could
enable the Windows firewall in case you do accidentally come up with
networking enabled after the boot.


Robert Aldwinckle