Windows 7 - 800800005 Error in Vista Updates

Asked By AJ on 11-Apr-08 07:10 AM
I noticed that I stopped receiving Vista updates around 3/27/08.  I searched
all threads and forums for a fix.  No luck.

I stopped UAC, tried to install the windows update again, got the same error
when I tried to re install the windows update .exe.

I tried to reregisterd the .dll's as in another thread and it tells me that
initpki.dll could not be found.  I stopped the auto update service and delete
the windowsupdate log file and the software distribution folder.

Hence, I tried everything direction I could find by live search or thread
search and nothing works.  I not sure what else to do other than reload the

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Jamal Akkad, Saudi Arabi replied on 11-Apr-08 08:38 AM
Same problem I am facing and tried almost all what you mentioned but no
success. I wonder what is going on or how to fix it. However, my MAC is doing
fine and I rely on it in my critical business. This Vista is for fun only.
Bob Eyster replied on 11-Apr-08 09:13 AM
I was having issues with WU failing and was told to rename the "Backup"
directory under "winsxs" in the Windows directory. My PC crashed before I
had time to rename it.


Bob Eyster
MS Windows Vista Home Premium
PA Bear [MS MVP] replied on 11-Apr-08 01:48 PM
Unlimited installation and compatibility support for Vista SP1 is available
at no charge through 18 Mar-09
• US:
• CA:
• UK:
• AU:
• Other: | select Windows
Vista | select Windows Vista Service Pack 1
~Robear Dyer (PA Bear)
MS MVP-IE, Mail, Security, Windows Desktop Experience - since 2002
AumHa VSOP & Admin
AJ replied on 11-Apr-08 02:17 PM
Okay, thank you.  Would this help with my Windows Vista Automatic Updates
problem?  I have not even tried to load or install Vista SP 1 as of yet.
PA Bear [MS MVP] replied on 11-Apr-08 04:32 PM