Windows 7 - error number 0x80248015

Asked By happymad on 29-May-08 11:58 PM
I cannot get windows updates do to this error please help me

Robert Aldwinckle replied on 30-May-08 09:41 AM
Try a search for your symptom code.   Read the discussions that you find.
Apply the ideas that you read.   Then if you still have problems, post back
here, referring to what you have found, read, tried and what your results were.

mstenaciou replied on 25-Jul-08 09:21 PM
I am also getting this error. There is nothing in the kbase about this. I
believe that the prevention of updates is causing issues on my computer. e.g.
I am getting certificate notifications on sites that never used to be a

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Pate replied on 05-Aug-08 04:33 AM
Check the date on your PC. Most likely it is wrong so the Update site is not
able to synchronize...
Sa replied on 07-Aug-08 09:30 PM
Did you ever fix your problemwith the above listed error?? I too am getting
this error and am having certificate notification on very sensitive sites
that I never had problems on.. I can't seem to find a fix..
fisherma replied on 17-Aug-08 04:28 AM
Thanks "Pater" made the old beast situp and beg again .Do you know what
changes the date ? It had gone to 12808
GIOVANNI replied to Pate on 22-Nov-09 01:38 PM
Pillars of Creation replied to GIOVANNI on 02-Dec-10 02:00 PM

I had the same problem with the same error code.

Windows Update has encountered an error and cannot display the requested page.

The error was to the upper right hand grayed out so it’s hard to see.

Error # 0X80248015

The problem was that the system clock was wrong. It was set to the year 2099!