Windows 7 - Update Tuesday -- No XP Updates?

Asked By ELW on 12-Aug-08 07:15 PM
Today is the second Tuesday of the month and I got gobs of Vista and Office
updates on my Vista system; however, I was offered no XP updates other than
XP SP-3.

I had chosen not to install XP SP-3 before.  Sooooo... does that mean I will
be offered no other critical updates if I don't install SP-3?  Did anyone
using XP Pro get update offerings today?  Thanks.


Vince replied on 12-Aug-08 07:35 PM
No updates for me either. One machine has SP3 and no updates for it yet
John replied on 12-Aug-08 07:41 PM
There are a few updates for Windows XP:

What is in your log? C:\WINDOWS\WindowsUpdate.log
Perhaps Windows Update server is too busy to process your request. Check
again later.
taurarianREMOVECAP replied on 12-Aug-08 07:51 PM
Be patient. I was offered Updates at home for XP SP3, I clicked to download
and didn't see the icon again. Obviously I'm in a queque. At work, no
notificationation at all - WinXP SP2. The servers are usually regulated and
eventually you'll get the updates.

To see what is being offered -

For information about non-security releases on Windows Update and Microsoft
update, please see:

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ELW replied on 12-Aug-08 08:02 PM
Thanks to all for the replies.  I will just keep waiting.  I just hope that
NOT accepting SP-3 will not affect other critical updates.

Kayman replied on 12-Aug-08 08:27 PM
Why Service Packs are Better Than Patches.
Kayman replied on 12-Aug-08 08:50 PM
It will eventually!
Alias replied on 12-Aug-08 08:57 PM
It should not. It will be awhile before you need SP3 for updates.

Alias replied on 12-Aug-08 09:02 PM
Interesting article but it is not about Service Packs being better than

PA Bear [MS MVP] replied on 13-Aug-08 02:43 AM
And if you reboot?
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Enge replied on 13-Aug-08 04:50 AM
Hello Alias,

Here is the correct link to:

Why Service Packs are Better Than Patches

Jim replied on 13-Aug-08 10:25 AM
I did.  I got 10 for XP and 2 for Office 2007.  All installed without a
ELW replied on 13-Aug-08 05:53 PM
Thanks Jim.  Incredible timing, but I just looked at my update icon (on the
taskbar) while reading these messages, and I see that my other update
notifications arrived finally!  They weren't there an hour ago.  I guess
these Second -Tuesday of the Month updates aren't always timely.  No

And this also answers my question whether SP-3 is needed for other updates.