Windows 7 - Error Code 0x641 for any update.

Asked By andr on 27-Aug-08 09:25 AM
We have a SBS 2003 server that has been getting updates just fine for several
years, but now (for about two weeks) all updates are failing with error code
0x641.  The two updates it is trying to automatically install are KB948110
and .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 1 (KB110806).

Error code 0x641 even happens if I unselect the two above updates, and try
to uninstall one non-critical update (MSXML SP 1 KB934268).

I do not know if this is related, but this SBS 2003 server has ISA 2004 and
all Internet traffic comes through that.

There is also another server at this site (Windows Server 2003 Standard)
that gets a slightly different error (Error Code 0x643) when it tries to load
an update.  The only update it is trying to load is "Visual Studio 2005
Service Pack 1".  It's Internet connection is also through the ISA 2004
Server running on the SBS server.

Any help would be appreciated.

MowGreen [MVP] replied on 27-Aug-08 02:41 PM
The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed. This can occur if
the Windows Installer is not correctly installed.
Or, *there is not enough diskspace*.

The 0x643 is a generic error.
Fatal error during installation.

Visual Studio and .NET Log Collection Utility

Suggest you use the above utility to gather more specific errors and
then search or post on the MSDN Forums for .NET Framework Setup and
Visual Studio Setup and Installation -

This thread, from the VS Setup/Installation forum, recommends freeing
disk space:

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andr replied on 29-Aug-08 03:05 PM
Thank you, I am working on your suggestions.
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